Free Sex


One of the most debated topics in Indonesia is about free sex.

Actually I don’t understand how these people define free sex. Is that pre-marital sex that they consider as free sex? Or promiscuity? I even wikied it and it did not come with any satisfying result. In fact, I suspect it’s because this term was loosely translated from Indonesian term Sex Bebas. Well…

This is how things became a little bit confusing for me.

Free sex. Isn’t sex supposed to be free? If you pay for it, I guess it must be a prostitution.

Or when it is interpreted from Indonesian’s Seks bebas, then should be done under no threat and done consensually, or else it must be a rape.

Only in the countries where people are being given this freedom to poke other people’s businesses, people talk about how other people satisfy this basic human need.



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