Apps Review: BBM for iPhone (iOS7)


It’s been awhile since this apps was released. I would like to write the review for both Blackberry messenger for Android and iPhone, but since I only have iPhone and not android so I could only write for one.

I know that some people said that one of their reasons why they ditched their blackberry phone is because they are no longer attached to their blackberry messenger. The developments of cross platform messenger apps are now in the market and it makes BBM no longer the most wanted messenger, especially in Indonesia. However the release of BBM for iPhone and Android have made many people excited.

So I have downloaded the apps few days ago, and I gave myself some moments to try the apps before I write something about it. And of course, I needed to give myself some times to wait until the excitement no longer cloud my judgement. I need to be objective, you know?


So basically after I used it for awhile, I started to remember why I did not like BBM. I remember the broadcast messages which I don’t like, and the annoying status updates. I also remember how cool the LINE sticker and whatsapp emos just to see how lame BBM’s are. Oh yes, it doesn’t have stickers.

After not using BBM for almost a year, I was expecting something more inventive, some innovation. If it did not want to follow the other messengers, do something new because BBM talk is not much different than LINE messenger phone feature.

The only thing good about this is that now I can talk to my mum faster because her blackberry phone is no longer compatible with whatsapp messenger’s latest update. Yes, please do something about it.

Do people need to download this apps?

Not sure why, but if you do want to go with it and try… why not?


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