The (second) Best Birthday Gift…


So I just had my birthday not so long time ago. I know I never actually reveal my birthday date anywhere, not in this blog, not even in my own facebook account. I have my own reason, but maybe I should write that on another entry. Because today, I am talking about the second best birthday gift ever…

Of course, the best birthday gift for me would be having Mr. Fix-It in Indonesia with me, so I have to settle down with the second best. What is the second best gift?

I have to tell the story from the beginning.

In the morning, Mr. Fix-It sent me a birthday greetings and wished me a happy birthday. I was with my family when he said that his package is on the way and apparently got stuck in the delivery again, with no apparent reason. I was a bit upset because I don’t like surprises, and I know that he know that I don’t like surprises. And a package in its way is definitely a surprise, because he never told me he sent any birthday presents.

Before I raised my complaints, he said that because the actual presents is on the way, I should wait a few minutes and recheck my e-mail. I was hoping for a sweet love letter from him because honestly, at that moment I think I would like that better than anything. But no… it was a £25 voucher!

I started calculating. I know that this month he has to pay a lot of bills, and taxes. So I would rather him keeping his money for our wedding later. Of course it would not affect much but at least it would make me feel better knowing that I was not the reason why he spent so much this month. I know that the package delivery to Indonesia is not cheap either 😦 So whatever he sent, I hope it’s worth it…

About gifting…

Gifting was never a tradition in our family. My parents gave us the best gifts ever… the ability to be responsible to our own money, and the freedom to spend it if we wanted to. So, for me, presents are the mine field.

I am a bit picky, and I don’t like buying things that other people might never use. I quite understand that different people has different taste and needs, so why do we have to buy something that someone might never like? But I know that for some people giving presents is like giving someone their best thought, so it was a sticky situation between Mr. Fix-It and I at that moment.

But one thing about the relationship is being able to talk about difficult and sensitive matters, so I tried to talk about this to Mr. Fix-It. I told him, that I did not know what he sent to me but I know it must cost him a fortune to buy stuffs and send it to Indonesia. And I don’t really fancy the surprise from opening presents. So, maybe next time, just buy a nice secondhand book, because I love books…

He agreed. And thanked me for letting him know.

And apologised for putting me in this situation.

Silly man. He did not have to apologise.

Today the presents arrived. I am quite familiar with the size and the shape, and by the look of it, I guessed I would love what I would find in the inside. I was right… It was a book, and vouchers for Boots from him and from his sister!! It reminds me that I need to send her a message.. — back in a minute!


He sent me a book. Apparently, without me having to tell him what he needs to buy… he bought one thing I loved the most in the face of the universe. Well.. he could not buy me fastest internet connection, could he? He bought me the universe… He bought me the universe in 400 pages of beautiful words. I would definitely review the book soon after I finish reading it.

I was ecstatic.

I couldn’t believe it.

I bet he must have been laughing victoriously when I told him that he should have bought me a book, while he actually did. Now I feel silly. I thought he did not know me that well. Apparently he knew me better than I know him, and it made me a little bit embarrassed. Maybe another gift I received this year is a lesson called humility.

I wonder if I have ever said it in my blog, but just in case nobody knew it… I love him.


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  1. Wake up in the morning and read this blog and it warm my heart. To read how well communicate between u and Mr Fix it hahahha both of u r really a match Mel. And i am so happy for both u


    • Thank you Stef ^__^

      It was not easy to begin with, but after some times I realised that I would have to do that anyway, so why not starting things now? After all, good communication is the key to a good and healthy relationship, some might say…


  2. terkadang kita tidak menyadari bahwa sebenarnya orang yg kita cintai mengenal kita jauh lebih baik dprd kita mengenal diri sendiri 🙂

    Love the story, Mel…



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