tick… tock… tick… tock…


This waiting reminds me of the first proverbs I learned when I arrived at Norwich two years ago.

“The watched kettle never boils”.

It’s funny that I have never actually used that proverbs since ages ago, and just remembered it today, and it happened when I saw the calendar. It’s just 10 days since the day I handed in the documents to the visa office.

Basically, the visa thingy was not easy. It was not as smooth as what I was expected. I had to come to the visa centre twice because apparently I need to get a special TB test, and the TB test I had when I went there as a student is no longer valid. The second time, the officer was not as patient as the officer I met before, and he rushed my application 😦 I really hoped nothing was left behind. What worse was that the application fee has been changed following the currency. It was awful lot of cash I had to give to that guy. I am keeping the receipt…

The guy in the counter, the non-sympathetic guy who rushed my application– said that the application could take 3 to 6 months before I know whether it was accepted or rejected. I really hoped that the result would come soon so we will know what to do next. And I hope the result is good because we already booked a day in March at Norwich registry.

I really would want everybody to wish me luck, with the hope I could really use those nice wishes. Unfortunately I don’t believe in luck, I just believe in chances, and no divine intervention could change that chances. It could be just… no chance.

Ooh, I really couldn’t bear the tension. I really wish I could fast forward this to 6 month for now to see what happened next, but unfortunately I cannot. I cannot make time goes faster, nor make the waiting fun. All I can do now is to make each day pass, and try to forget that I am waiting for something I want the most. All I can do now is stop looking at the kettle nor the clock, and do something while the water is boiling.

Maybe a diet is a good idea…

Maybe not.

I don’t know…


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