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Film Review: Thor: The Dark World


Title: Thor: The Dark World
Directors: Alan Taylor, James Gunn
Stars: Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston, Sir Anthony Hopkins, Natalie Portman
Genre: Action

Well, this is an action film. It is not a science fiction or a science documentary, so I might have to skip the whole rants about the scientific loophole in the nonsense they’re talking about. And, since it is actually a film about American superhero (??), I should leave the rest of Nordic Mythology thingies behind. And basically stop being an annoying geek about all the mistakes the film could be.

And move on to the film.

Honestly? I don’t like it.

First of all, I am not a big fan of Natalie Portman. The reason why I agreed to watch this film was because my friend who I have never met for ages asked me if we should watch this, and Sir Anthony Hopkins, and all the fuss about Loki this and Loki that, I think I must take a loki too. (lol. Sorry, couldn’t help it). So, if some people it is the explosion, or the ripped Chris Hemsworth, for me it is a little bit less physical.

Anyway, the good guy wins. Surprise surprise, not so surprising for me. Oh look! London! Beautiful place. Good, now go blow everything up! Yay!

I admit I sound like an annoying bitch, and I think that’s fair because this film didn’t offer anything else than this kind of comment. I have to say though, in some part it is a bit enjoyable, especially when it is sarcasm related. I like sarcasm. And I then understood why Loki won the fan’s attention.

It is a bit rude not to recommend this film as I believe that the directors has put some efforts in blowing things up. So, maybe if you like explosion and a bit of lovey dovey superhero and pretty chick, like spiderman kind of film, please do. But if you’re expecting a real good action film, or epic mythology, you will thank me for forbidding you to watch this.

Anyway, in the end it’s your choice.

Good luck.


Film Review: Last Vegas


Title: Last Vegas
Director: Jon Turteltaub
Stars: Morgan Freeman, Robert DeNiro, Michael Douglas, Kevin Kline
Genre: Comedy

I honestly did not know that it was going to be a comedy when I saw the poster at the cinema few weeks ago. I decided I was going to watch this film because of the list of big stars there. And, of course, as a big fan of Morgan Freeman, I wouldn’t want to miss his performance.

I thought it was going to be a gangster or a crime drama. Nope, it was a comedy.

Uhm… Okay.

The storyline was pretty generic, however I must say that I did not expect the little twist in that changed the plot in my head a little bit. It is indeed not a heavy full of surprise kind of crime drama as what I expected but it is a light and a very funny film that in the end has entertained me so much. I must say, although it wasn’t what I thought it was, I enjoyed the whole film.

This is why.

I believe that these four experienced actors have made a lot of difference in this film. Instead of making an oldie version of hangover, these four gentlemen has brought the glam of Las Vegas to a different level of comedy. It is funny in the right moment and in the best way it could be brought to us.

I love it.

And, I would love you to watch it. All of you. Especially the Indonesian comedian who thought that being funny means being physically abusive, or verbally nasty. This is the kind of acting skill that you need to learn. And maybe the story writer too…

This film proves that it doesn’t have to be absurdly weird to make a film feels original. It just need a few original lines that has never been taught by other writers before. It takes a lot of creativity to make an ordinary story extraordinary.

I recommend this film to everyone, like I said, and I would rate this film 9/10. Because it is not a crime drama.

I Am Tired


I know I have not been around lately.

I am busy. Even I don’t have time to write for my Nanowrimo anymore. As you can see, I could not add a word and stuck at 6000+ words. And it is almost the end of the month.

So just for an update, in case anyone asked. I am now working in a new division my mother set up for her business. For now it is just a division as a part of her business, later it would stand alone as a completely independent business for me and my sisters. Now, since one of my little sisters is studying abroad, Mon and I are working for the base for the business.

It is not an easy task.

First of all, both of us were blind. We did not know what we were trying to do, and we did not know how this works. October we started and October we did everything at once. We started to get the grip these past few weeks.

Second of all, the system which has been running at my mum’s office is a very old and traditional system. It has been a little bit modernised by the interference of a professional accountant to do the ledger. But they did not even use excell the way they should have used it. They never used anything online except to receive and send emails. And the worst of all, they never thought that sending me an email for the report is faster than running around in a motorbike with a bundle of paperworks to show us.

All of the checking and the double checking should be done manually. And that’s inefficient and wasting a lot of my time. So I spent some of my precious sleeping time to work on the spreadsheet only for MY division so that in the future, I don’t have to deal with the manual data entry any more.

However, all of this efforts, were seen by my mum as SLOW. It is not too easy to tell her that changing the system would slow down everything in the beginning but it would be waaaay faster that it would catch up with her in no time. Yes, one of the reason I don’t want to work as a part of her business empire is because my mother couldn’t accept changes, especially if it came from her own daughters.

Some of the older generation traditional business people believes that experiences take out academic learnings. I know that street smart is not something you could learn from school and the fresh graduates are lack of this. In the other hand we could see in the reality that what has been taught at school has changed the way people do business, by making it more efficient, and effective.

Every business is different. To know what’s best to make everything more efficient is by going through trial and error. My mother hates it. She did not like my idea to change things to see how it goes. Or change things to see where things could go wrong. She believes that everything works well without changing.


The rants.

This is late and I am tired. I will try to post something that is not depressing, and more… informative :p But for now, I’d rather sleep. I need that.




So, November is here… again.

Anyway… I am participating on Nanowrimo… again.

It is funny that I know many people who knows nanowrimo and yet each of them told me that they never finished a novel during nanowrimo. It seems, it’s pretty hard to do :p

Anyway. If you are writing a novel for nanowrimo this year, please feel free to add me as your writing buddy.



Ooh… Busy


I am trying to get myself as busy as humanly possible lately. In a way it tires me crazy because these past few days I always went home with a painful backache from working at our new office. Well… it is not really an office. I mean it is an office but it’s a bit more complicated than being called an office.

Basically, my mother wanted me and my sisters to have a joint company, and she thought it is just the right time to star everything. So she lent us a place to start up, and some capital in machinery and money, with one small project to begin with. So now, my sisters and I ended up having a small company, which is more or less a small division of my parents’ company, working on a garment production.

It is not a simple task really. I am glad we don’t have to deal with the marketing ourselves because we basically helping the production for the orders my mother had from her customers. However, because we were still starting something, it is not easy to make sure we get enough in the end of the day. Basically we ended up with more that we can take, and we had to start to make things more efficient since we only have 6 workers on the building (while mum already has about 10 times more than that).

It sure grow slow.

However, I am starting my own project. Something that I call an investment, that I am pretty sure would pay me off after 3 years. I am not sure how I can explain it without making people laugh at me or at least sneered at my idea. But it is quite simple, in itself, and efficiency would definitely boost the profit.

I want to start a farm.

Why not?

It would start small, but farm is a really profitable business especially in an agricultural country like Indonesia. We have lots of space to make things work, and I believe with a little bit management we could feed the country better than now. In most places in Indonesia farming is done in a traditional way. It is good enough to earn a living, but it is not enough as a business investment.

I would make my own “harvest moon” project. I would hire those little sprites on the forest to make me money.

I need money you know. I am going to get married and have a family. I would need a steady business in Indonesia so I can just live there in peace and travel every now and then.

That is why I am so busy lately. In a way it is good for economy. It is good that at least now I am thinking not only about school but also how to make money to pay my education. But in another way it is good to make my mind busy, so I don’t have time to feel miserable about the waiting.

It is okay to have an office job with my sister during the day because it keeps me busy all day. But I always have my mind wandering around at night when I don’t have anything to do. I believe having a business of my own would keep me occupied until the day I got the result of my visa application.

Honestly, I haven’t been sleeping well lately. At least for the last week I couldn’t sleep until after 3 a.m everyday. Not that I am not sleepy or tired. I tried to make myself as tired as possible. It’s just the mind couldn’t stop working. The brain couldn’t stop thinking. I am restless and feeling terribly anxious.


I have to try sleeping again… Good night everyone.


Book Review: Geisha of Gion


Title: Geisha of Gion
Author: Mineko Iwasaki
Language: English


Geisha of Gion is actually a biography narrated in a memoir of one of the most popular entertainer in Gion Kobu — Mineko Iwasaki. It is of course would not be the same if you compare it to “The Memoirs of Geisha” which was written by Arthur Golden, because the latter is a fiction. So by definition, Geisha of Gion is less dramatic, less problematic, but somehow more interesting for me than The Memoirs of Geisha in a different way.

However, rather than comparing, I would rather explain why I like this book.

First of all, the writing style, or rather — the story telling, was impressive. I guess it has something to do with the author’s background as an entertainer and an artist herself. I could sense the witty humour she slipped here and there while telling us what happened in the wonder of the world of the female artist and entertainer which has been widely mistaken with high class prostitution. Mineko Iwasaki tried to straighten that misconception in this delightful work.

I guess Iwasaki could give herself a pat in her back for this book is a piece of artistic non fictional piece that could be enjoyed by anyone. It is not only entertaining but it has widened the horizon of anyone who read it. It details have given not only information, but also valuable knowledge. And I like how she explained the details without having to be over dramatic about everything.

Of course as a non-fiction it could feel plain for there’s no over dramatic scene which many would expect from a geisha’s life. However this book is still a good book to read if you really want to know more about Japanese tradition and culture, especially about Geisha and some of Japanese traditional arts (dancing, music and traditional education).

Would I recommend this book to anyone? I couldn’t see why not.

Settle Down, But Don’t Settle For Less


“I want to settle down. I am tired with all this courtship and dating and getting to know new people and trying and failing. I want to settle down, so I will work it out with her, I will make it work…”

I have heard this a lot from my friends.

Just a few days ago, one of my dearest friends called me. I don’t usually pick up phone calls from friends, because I don’t really fancy talking on phone. It is the kind of activity that halt other activities because you could not really multi-task with phone calls. However, this time, it was a bit of an emergency, so I picked up the phone and she started talking.

She is probably the first lesbian friend, outside my relationship with si Onyed that I know of. So I have followed her romance drama since years ago, and apparently it hasn’t stopped yet. I thought finally she could find someone who would be “the one”, because this new girl seemed a little less intimidating than the rest she had before, but unfortunately she came with a whole lot of baggage that I don’t think my friend deserve to handle.

I will try to make the story short. Basically this girl is a bisexual and she said to my friend that she has a feeling to a boy. And she has a dream that one day she would get married to this boy and has a family, but when that happened she still want to hook up with my friend on the side.

Trust me that this is the actual word she said, and I did not try to exaggerate. I don’t need to.

I believe that this is what made a lot of people has a negative concept of a bisexual girl. But this discussion needs to be elaborated in another chance, because now I want to talk about what my friend thinks about this matter.

Normally, we would reject that idea immediately. Who wants to be on the side? However, for my friend, this is something she needs to consider.

She believes that a lesbian relationship is next to impossible, so while there is someone who wants her, she would take it anyway. She thinks, since she has known this girl for a while and understand that this girl actually cares about her, it might worth all the heartache to be with this person. She believes that maybe, because she has been in the same situation for three consecutive times with three different bisexuals, it is her destiny to be just someone on the side.

She believes that because she has feel comfortable living with her, knowing her daily lives, and has come to mutual understanding about stuffs… it is easier to settle down than to find another girl better than this one.

I couldn’t believe what she said.

I couldn’t believe how low she saw herself. I couldn’t believe that a successful architect who has worked on a lot of great projects in Bali could not find a girl better than that. I couldn’t believe that a good looking butch like her, with a lively personality and a good attitude like her could not find a better person than a girl who openly want to cheat. I seriously doubt that. But that’s what she believes.

There is a difference between determination and desperation, and sometimes the difference is unnoticeable.

I always give a “go ahead”, if any of my friends asked me if they should settle down. I thought settling down is a matter of being ready to let go some of the fun to get more of stability, but settling for less is a whole different kind of story. Settling for less is the broken self concept affecting your attitude to yourself. I might have talk about this before on my previous post, but people do accept love that they think they deserve (I got the reference from “The Perks of Being A Wallflower”)