Ooh… Busy


I am trying to get myself as busy as humanly possible lately. In a way it tires me crazy because these past few days I always went home with a painful backache from working at our new office. Well… it is not really an office. I mean it is an office but it’s a bit more complicated than being called an office.

Basically, my mother wanted me and my sisters to have a joint company, and she thought it is just the right time to star everything. So she lent us a place to start up, and some capital in machinery and money, with one small project to begin with. So now, my sisters and I ended up having a small company, which is more or less a small division of my parents’ company, working on a garment production.

It is not a simple task really. I am glad we don’t have to deal with the marketing ourselves because we basically helping the production for the orders my mother had from her customers. However, because we were still starting something, it is not easy to make sure we get enough in the end of the day. Basically we ended up with more that we can take, and we had to start to make things more efficient since we only have 6 workers on the building (while mum already has about 10 times more than that).

It sure grow slow.

However, I am starting my own project. Something that I call an investment, that I am pretty sure would pay me off after 3 years. I am not sure how I can explain it without making people laugh at me or at least sneered at my idea. But it is quite simple, in itself, and efficiency would definitely boost the profit.

I want to start a farm.

Why not?

It would start small, but farm is a really profitable business especially in an agricultural country like Indonesia. We have lots of space to make things work, and I believe with a little bit management we could feed the country better than now. In most places in Indonesia farming is done in a traditional way. It is good enough to earn a living, but it is not enough as a business investment.

I would make my own “harvest moon” project. I would hire those little sprites on the forest to make me money.

I need money you know. I am going to get married and have a family. I would need a steady business in Indonesia so I can just live there in peace and travel every now and then.

That is why I am so busy lately. In a way it is good for economy. It is good that at least now I am thinking not only about school but also how to make money to pay my education. But in another way it is good to make my mind busy, so I don’t have time to feel miserable about the waiting.

It is okay to have an office job with my sister during the day because it keeps me busy all day. But I always have my mind wandering around at night when I don’t have anything to do. I believe having a business of my own would keep me occupied until the day I got the result of my visa application.

Honestly, I haven’t been sleeping well lately. At least for the last week I couldn’t sleep until after 3 a.m everyday. Not that I am not sleepy or tired. I tried to make myself as tired as possible. It’s just the mind couldn’t stop working. The brain couldn’t stop thinking. I am restless and feeling terribly anxious.


I have to try sleeping again… Good night everyone.



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