I Am Tired


I know I have not been around lately.

I am busy. Even I don’t have time to write for my Nanowrimo anymore. As you can see, I could not add a word and stuck at 6000+ words. And it is almost the end of the month.

So just for an update, in case anyone asked. I am now working in a new division my mother set up for her business. For now it is just a division as a part of her business, later it would stand alone as a completely independent business for me and my sisters. Now, since one of my little sisters is studying abroad, Mon and I are working for the base for the business.

It is not an easy task.

First of all, both of us were blind. We did not know what we were trying to do, and we did not know how this works. October we started and October we did everything at once. We started to get the grip these past few weeks.

Second of all, the system which has been running at my mum’s office is a very old and traditional system. It has been a little bit modernised by the interference of a professional accountant to do the ledger. But they did not even use excell the way they should have used it. They never used anything online except to receive and send emails. And the worst of all, they never thought that sending me an email for the report is faster than running around in a motorbike with a bundle of paperworks to show us.

All of the checking and the double checking should be done manually. And that’s inefficient and wasting a lot of my time. So I spent some of my precious sleeping time to work on the spreadsheet only for MY division so that in the future, I don’t have to deal with the manual data entry any more.

However, all of this efforts, were seen by my mum as SLOW. It is not too easy to tell her that changing the system would slow down everything in the beginning but it would be waaaay faster that it would catch up with her in no time. Yes, one of the reason I don’t want to work as a part of her business empire is because my mother couldn’t accept changes, especially if it came from her own daughters.

Some of the older generation traditional business people believes that experiences take out academic learnings. I know that street smart is not something you could learn from school and the fresh graduates are lack of this. In the other hand we could see in the reality that what has been taught at school has changed the way people do business, by making it more efficient, and effective.

Every business is different. To know what’s best to make everything more efficient is by going through trial and error. My mother hates it. She did not like my idea to change things to see how it goes. Or change things to see where things could go wrong. She believes that everything works well without changing.


The rants.

This is late and I am tired. I will try to post something that is not depressing, and more… informative :p But for now, I’d rather sleep. I need that.



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