December. ALREADY?


When Saturday report has been done in the factory where my sister and I are now working, all I could say was… phew! What a month.

Right then, I realised that it was the end of November. I couldn’t believe that we actually passed a month without any massive problem in the factory, and most of all, I could not believe that I am alright. I was so stressed out with my visa application, and it seemed hard to even pass a day without worrying.

I am still annoyed with people asking about the visa. The thing is, I am as clueless as they are, and there is practically nothing I could do to feed my curiosity. It annoys me because it reminds me how helpless we are and that my fate is in other people’s hands. However, I am getting used to that and I could just ignore it when I was having a bad mood, and maybe try to explain to them the situation when I was feeling kind and helpful.

But this is December.

I am rather proud that I could pass November without actually broken down, and now I am feeling a little bit useful. Maybe it’s true what Lazlo Bane sang in “I’m no Superman”, that one needs to work to feed the soul. I am even thinking of adding something more in the daily activity. Of course something that I could do in the afternoon. I still hate waking up in the morning.

Uh. What? Nanowrimo?

Hahaha… I have to admit that although I have already got the story written, I did not have time to compose it properly as a novel. So I ended up only wrote around 6000 words. Out of 50k. I know that’s terrible. Maybe I should do that again next year, just in case I would have more time, courage, and words :p

What am I expecting right now? I don’t know. I wish I could get the reply from the visa agency much sooner, because the waiting is still as torturing as it was before, and as the answer is not here yet, I couldn’t actually make a plan. For anything.

One thing that makes life better in December. SALE. Everything would be on sale! I think I would love to get at least a pair of shoes this month as a reward because I was being good.

Because Santa is not real.

Boo Hoo. There.


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