It’s been raining for days in Solo.

Rainy days always brought up a lot of memories for me. I used to love rainy days.

I loved rainy days because it means more time to stay at school with the person that I liked. He used to go to school with his motorbike, so he couldn’t go home while the rain was falling. So we would end up chatting while waiting for the rain to stop. My driver would wait outside patiently, I would tell him that it was an extra study at school or group assignments, and mum would not be angry for me being home late.

I loved rainy days because the classroom where I studied was not facilitated with an air conditioner. The cool breeze would slipped through the opened window, carrying the scent of the soil dampened by the fist drop of the pouring water.

I loved rainy days. It makes me feel poetic. Nostalgic.

I wasn’t always in love with rainy days.

When I was in Jakarta, I was hating it. I resented it with all my heart and soul. As my first rented room was drowned in the flood while I was trapped in the 8th floor of my university building with not working lift. I would have to walk before I had my first own car, and I had to wash my own shoes when they got all muddy. Or I could just threw it away if the mud wouldn’t go away.

When I have got my own car, it would get all muddy. Or stuck in the crazy traffic for hours because of the rain. Basically when I was in Jakarta, I despised rainy days. It was only nice on my last days in Jakarta when I was staying in an apartment in one big superblock with my sisters. We could once again let the windows open, and then the breeze would come in and bring back all the childhood memories.

While I was studying in the UK, rainy days were mostly unpredictable. I can’t really tell whether I love it or hate it, but it was cold and wet and I don’t particularly like that part. But the raincoat was pretty cute, and I have started to get acquainted with my pink umbrella. It’s kind of fashionable too.

However, the best part was the summer shower. When it pours from above, cools down the heated earth, and I could sit in the lounge of Mr. Fix-It’s house next to the opened windows and inhale the scent of the rain. I could daydream about the my childhood while listening to the drizzles while it hits the ground.

Oh.. oh…

yes the rainy days.

I know it is a bad news for you who lives in Jakarta. You may have got trapped in the terrible traffic jam, and probably worried that the monsoon would soon come with the flood. Maybe the laundry would take longer to dry, and some might smell like a rotten cat when it comes back from the ironing. However, remember the warm bed and the blanket that would protect you from the cool breeze while it was pouring outside.

Ah well…

Have a nice day.



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