I have got a very interesting question few days ago on my facebook, from a friend. He posted an interesting “what-if”. It’s more or less like this:

If you could send a note to your younger self in the past, what would you say in two words

In two words?

I could probably write a great note, telling her that I was from the future and I could make her a rich woman by telling her which country to bet in the world cup finals, or which stock to buy, or when she should buy US dollars and when to sell it. I could tell her to just skip the stupid relationships I don’t need. I should just tell her what to study in the university so she did not have to go through the unemployment for so long.

But in two words?

I considered many things: “Be Careful”, “Don’t Worry”, “Good Luck”, or even “Good Job” or “Keep Calm” (and hoping that one day she knew what it means). I even joked that it would be hilarious if I just sent “F*ck That” to my younger self in the past. But when I thought about it seriously, it wouldn’t do anything to me in the past.

I came up with one thing that I finally posted in my friend’s status.

“Say Yes”.

I think it would make a lot of differences if I had said yes to many thing I did not when I was a lot younger. I felt that I have missed a lot of opportunity because I refused to take a chance and did not say yes to those who came to me. I realised that my biggest regret is not that I have made mistakes, but it’s when I did not make any mistakes because I did not do anything.

I wasn’t talking about changing the present. I am quite contented with what I have got right now. I was talking about taking the opportunity when you were young. I would say yes, going for a date when I was in high school, knowing that it might upset my parents. I would say yes, for a kiss from the boy that I liked. I would say yes, when my friends asked me to go and hang out after school, although it might make me miss the private lesson. I would take chances, so that today I know better.

Of course I know myself better. I was not that stupid. I wouldn’t have said yes to things that could harm myself either.

It reminds me of “Yes Man”, a film which was starred by Jim Carey. I don’t think I should tell you what the film was about, but I think it has the same premise with what I have been thinking of today.

Oh well…



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