2014 Resolutions


Gosh, it’s already mid January and I haven’t finished writing my resolutions? I am such a useless blogger. Anyway… Better late than never, here’s my rather ambitious list of targets for 2014

1. Read even more!
I think 2 books a month is good enough. So I would target 24 books in the end of the year.

2. Write more!
This year’s Nanowrimo? Or maybe write a novel like Merry DT?
Definitely 100 blog post this year as an initial target

3. Live healthily
I finally gave up smoking last year, what’s this year? Lose weight? 5 kg is a good number isn’t it?
I might be a little bit picky with food too :p

4. Groom!!
I know that I have been good to myself last year. I have done my skin care routine quite religiously BUT I haven’t taken care of how I look in public. So I would like to look better this year.

5. Learn a new language.
This is a bit ambitious, but I do want to learn a new language. I realise that I wouldn’t be fluent just in a year, but learning a new language is a process and I would love to start the process this year.

6. Earn!
MY own money. At least in the mid year I would have known what to do…

There are more such as social life etc. but that comes secondary.

I wish you all a good luck for your resolution, and will do mine my best.



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