Mariage Blanc – Merry DT


Aah… Another friend finally published her own book. It is so exciting but I will have to admit that it makes me very much envious. Anyway, since I haven’t read the novel myself, I couldn’t give out the review yet.

The title of the book is Mariage Blanc. What attracted me to this book is the LGBT theme which is now started to be more recognised in Indonesia, but was written from a very unique point of view. Yes, it is written in Indonesian Bahasa although I think the title is in French, so if you are not familiar with the language you might have to wait until it is translated to your language. Sorry…

For now, the book can only be bought online (here). I am not sure if it can be acquired in e-book format. You can also visit the author’s blog here, to read what she said about this book.

Again, congratulation for the book 🙂


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