A Little Bit of Update


I am so sorry that I haven’t been updating this blog for ages. I am sorry for myself really, because one of my new year resolution is to be active again in writing my blog :(.

Anyway, I am back in Norwich.

Does it mean that my visa has been approved after the longest 12 weeks of my life? Yes. So few days before the Lunar New Year, I have got an email informing me that my passport has arrived at Plaza ASIA. That was where the visa application centre was. So I book a flight, took my passport back (with a bit of over dramatic moment during the collection), and back to Solo to report the good news to everybody. Then decided when I would fly back to the UK.

After the Chinese New Year, of course.

That’s a bit of bittersweet though. It is nice of course that the waiting is over and now I can move on to the next plan (getting married >_<) but that also means that it would be the last time I would receive that shiny red envelope from my uncles and aunties TT__TT. So yeah, in that respect, I might not too happy about that.

This time, I chose Qatar Airlines to take me to Heathrow Airport, I could make a review about the flight and the service, I might not… let’s see whether I am in the mood or not. Anyway, I arrived safely, and remembered right there and then how I hate the cold wet weather in this goddamn place. Mind you, we are having this extreme climate everywhere anyway, even Indonesia was having a bad weather all weeks.

Mr. Fix-it picked me up at the bus station in Norwich. I arrived after almost 20 hours journey, feeling cold and awkward. Mind you I have not met this guy I am going to marry in almost half a year. Of course I am feeling a bit awkward, but we are getting there… again.

Few days ago I went for a Police Registration, because my visa said that I have to have one. Not a problem. But when I met the police officer, a very nice and friendly one, he said that I did not have to register whatsoever because I am an Indonesian, and was born in Indonesia. How weird… I have send a message to the border agency if it was a mistake and told them that it was the police officer who said so, they haven’t replied. If I haven’t heard from them by tomorrow lunchtime, Mr. Fix-It will… well… fix it.


This afternoon, we went to the city to meet the wedding registrar. Mr. Fix-It took a day off so we could go there together. The building was old, and we met a lot of old people, even the registrar was old. She was nice though.

Basically we needed to report to her and told her that our wedding date might change because my family might not be able to get their visa in time 😦 that is sad because I really like the original date we have chosen earlier. But I really want my family to be there when it happens. Maybe a little bit of moral support?

Other news?

I am missing my dogs.

I really am.

My sisters sent me some pictures of Chika and I wanted to go home straight away. Funny that I have never had this kind of home-sicky feeling before, but now… It worries me a little…


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  1. Nice to know that you back to England. Everithing fine there? i mean, tidak kebanjiran kan?

    Anyway i saw you on eToro, and while i don’t talk private things there i would write here, Byq….
    etoro’s webtrader is buggy, you should know it, they still implementing new features and soon… maksudku begindang, aku trading disana cuma buat senang-senang dan pamer-pamer saja agar supaya dapat bonus (kalo orang copy trading-ku, aku dapat bonus karena ekeh popular investor), jadi pakai kapital kecil karena aku tahu webtrader mereka buggy, tapi meskipun begitu etoro adalah platform paling bagus buat belajar.

    Maksudku, jangan invest banyak disana, kalau belajarmu sudah selesai, pindah invest saja di fxpro.co.uk, aku sebenarnya trading disana dan mereka bagus (Only for advanced users lho ya…).


    • Makasih, Djo… Kebetulan daerah di mana aku tinggal ini nggak kebanjiran. Tapi dinginnya lebih-lebih dr bbrp tahun lalu Djo.

      Yes, Aku baru inget kalo kamu d sana setelah aku join. Aku juga cuma belajar kok. Soalnya bisa inves kecil2an kan di sana, jadi nggak perlu modal gede buat belajar. Tapi aku nggak ngerti maksudnya buggy gmana ya? Masih belom berani aku kalo modal banyak2… soalnya aku sama sekali ga ngerti dan ndak punya basic trading. gichuu…


      • Sip sip… lanjutkan belajarnya di etoro karena ember banget, disitu orang bisa trading kecil-kecilan buat belajar, dan etoro bagus buat belajar dengan kapital kecil.

        Buggynya gini lho, webtrader mereka ternyata belum mature, aku bisa bilang itu beta version dan kita jadi kelincinya (dengan duit betulan kita, ngeri kan?). minggu depan akan ada update besar-besaran dan ini bagus buat yang di-copy, semoga ini final update.

        Terus kadang-kadang market kan rock ‘n roll banget, bergerak dengan sangat amat cepat, nah pada waktu kayak gini sistem etoro jadi bego, waktu eksekusi jadi lama sampai tiga detik bahkan tidak bereaksi, jadi bahaya banget. Tapi sekarang sudah mendingan daripada bulan lalu. Begitu…


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