Valentine’s Day


Are you celebrating Valentine’s Day?

I know it is a bit weird to be asked, especially it is not REALLY a big holiday to be celebrated. You know, it is more of a Hallmark Holiday, where there has to be something to celebrate so that the retailer could make money by selling chocolate, cards, and flowers. But of course, this is not the day for being cynical, and grumpy, but still I should admit that I don’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day, whether it is a religious holiday or a hallmark one.

It might sound weird, or maybe for some people it could sound a little bit ungrateful as I do have someone to celebrate this valentine day with. I am no longer in a long distance relationship. D o h.

But how important it is to celebrate this?

First of all, this is not even my own culture. 14th of February 2014 is cap go meh day. The 15th day after the lunar new year, and at the same time, the end of the spring festival. Why don’t I just celebrate that? Why don’t I make a sticky rice cake with spicy pork filling, wrapped in a pandan leaves to celebrate something that is a part of me, instead of doing the chocolate and flower things?

How important to celebrate Valentine’s day?

To celebrate your love to your partner? To show them that you love them? We have 365 days a year, 366 in the leap year. During that time, you can show them love everyday. And if you really really really had to pick up a very special day, there are birthdays and anniversaries, and if you want a special day which is shared with millions of people in the world (can you see how oxymoron that is?) then you have new years, any religious holidays that are celebrated in your country, and Sundays!! Don’t forget Sundays, and Saturdays… Weekends are the best!

However, as I have promises that I am not going to be cynical, I would wish you a very happy romantic Valentine’s day. Hope you score big tonight 😉


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