Film Review: The Great Gatsby


Title: The Great Gatsby
Director: Baz Luhrman
Language: English
Casts: Tobey Maguire, Leonardo DiCaprio, Carey Mulligan, Amitabh Bacchan

I have read the book, and loved it. I have to admit that I did have a high expectation when I watched the film. Would it be as dark as the book? Would it be as depressing as the book? Maybe this is the first time I expected to be depressed after watching a film. And, have I been successfully depressed after watching the Great Gatsby? Well, I have to say that I have not. But would that mean that this film has failed me? Certainly not.

Let me explain.

I really think that the director has exposed something else that I couldn’t catch while I was reading the book. It is the kind of prewar American lifestyle that I couldn’t quite grasp from the words Mr. Fitzgerald has been using to describe the background of the story. Of course it did not bother me at the moment I was reading the book, but when I watched the film, I realised of vital that was for understanding the whole story.

While the book itself was written with a lot of big words, the film was pretty much straight forward. It explained a lot that I don’t understand while reading the book. Which is good. In a way.

I am not sure though why Tobey Maguire was chosen as one of the main characters in this film. I am not sure of his quality to be able to portray such an important role in a classic story like this. However, I should say that it was not bad at all. I might even say that I am quite impressed that he could get out of his spidey suite. Oh goodie.

DiCaprio? Oh he is as hot as always. I think he is a kind of ‘wine man’. You know? Like a wine, getting better quality when they are get older and more mature. Or you can say cheese… but telling someone that they are like cheeses doesn’t sound much like a compliment, does it? His acting skill of course has improved since Titanic, and although he was portraying a very soppy guy, he still looked steamy as ever.

That’s my personal judgement…

I couldn’t say much about storyline. It was a great story itself. I think it is awesome that the director and especially the story writer could bring a classic to a big screen without screwing it up. Really it’s not easy. So kudos for them too.

Would I recommend this to my friends? I would, actually…. However, I think they need to read the book first. That’s my own suggestion though, because most people wouldn’t bother to read if they have seen the film. So, I would rather them to read the book first, and then enjoy the film without making me feel guilty for recommending this awesome film to them.

Happy watching…


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