Film Review: Cold Eyes


Title: Cold Eyes (Gam Si Ja Deul)
Director: Ui Seok Jo & Byung Seo Kim
Language: Korean (subtitled)

Before I write my review, I would like to apologise that I could not write the name of the actresses and actors involved in this film. Not that they are so mysterious, but I don’t really know how true that is because even IMDB couldn’t list the full cast and crew. However, I hope the title of the film, and the directors name would be enough for you to be able to find the film if you would like to watch it.

This is one of my favourite film genres. A bit of crime, a bit of psychology. A considerably minimum amount of slapstick comedy and sex scenes, if any. I couldn’t express how enjoyable watching this film was for me, although I was thousand feet above the ground sitting next to a stranger who couldn’t sit still, while I was having a cold feet and bloated tum, and repeatedly thrown from my seat because of really bad turbulence . There.

The story was about a girl who has a good memory (I couldn’t say that she has a photographic memory because in the film it wasn’t mentioned further). She was then recruited by the Korean special police squad to help solving difficult cases. One of the cases was a series of robberies that orchestrated by a criminal genius. That is the interesting premise. I am not going to say anything more about the story because I don’t want to end up spoiling it to anyone.

I couldn’t remember any outstanding actor or actress in this film, it seems that all of them act only averagely. I think they are saved by the story writing, although it is said that it was the korean remake/rip-off of a Hong Kong film “Eyes in the Sky”. If you have watched Eyes in The Sky, please let me know if it was true, because many disagree with this.

Would I recommend this film to my friends? Of course I would. Although, I am quite aware that not all of my friends like this kind of film (because the complication of the plot gives them headache, and the actors are not pretty boys like those in the romantic comedy drama), but I would still recommend this to them as an eye opener. That asian film could be good and high quality.

That’s from me.



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