Mrs. Fix-It


Hello there 🙂

I am so sorry for having to leave this blog for a very long time. I have been busy.

No. Not the kind of busy that I usually used as the excuse of being lazy and not writing anything, but the kind of busy because I am now starting my own family. Yes, I just got married to Mr. Fix-It.


The wedding ceremony was held on the 1st of March in the registry office in our city. It was a simple ceremony, only attended by the closest friends and family of ours (within proximity). Of course there are some people I would like to invite, but they are quite far away from here so I might invite them later when we celebrate it in Indonesia with more family and friend.

When people said that the wedding day is one of the most important days of a girl’s life, I might have to say that it is not quite true. I think it is more important for my parents than the other because I think they are the one who were the most emotional compared to everyone in the room that day. Especially my father.

How about me?

I have prepared myself to be a little bit overexcited on my wedding day. I heard that many people couldn’t actually contain their emotion during the ring ceremony or the reading of their wedding vow. So I wore less eye-liner and made sure that the mascara was a waterproof one. However, it went quite well. No tears, just laughter.

Mr. Fix-It and I agreed that our wedding was one of the best weddings ever. It was simple, straightforward and free from emotional bollocks. Everybody’s happy, and cheerful, and we drank and ate and none of the wedding vows and readings are saccharine-sweet or sickeningly soppy.

Ókay, I have to admit that we did make a little bit of adjustment of the wedding ceremony’s readings. We decided to make our own ring promise because all the ring promise words we found on the booklet from the registry office and the internet are so stupidly mushy and full of bollocks. We don’t want to promise to hold each other hands when the storm comes, or saying I love you everyday. And I am pretty sure that we could fart if we had to say in front of our family and friend that we would love and support each other by looking deep to each other’s eye. And “romantic” is not our style.

So, Mr. Fix-It came up with a ring-word idea after we dismissed the Lord of The Rings’s “One ring to rule them all” poem. It would be kind of cool if we did that, but we would come across as a geeky couple for some people and weird for some others. And, I have asked Mr. Fix-It who is now my husband, if I could share our ring promise to my friends in this blog, and he said I could…

So this is our ring promise.

Mr. Fix-It: (said to me while putting the ring on my ring finger on my left hand) “With this ring, I promise to TRY to make you happy everyday.”
Me: (doing the same ritual) “With this ring, I promise to MAKE SURE that you do”

And he made that. I was quite happy with that straightforward humorous ring promise which was actually deep and meaningful for us, so did all our friends.

So yeah, I am Mrs. Fix-It now. I am so sorry that I couldn’t invite more people to my wedding in England. However, I would like to invite more of my friends to the reception in Indonesia. It wouldn’t be the same, I know, but I would like to share a bit of this happiness to those who dear to me.

I would also thank you for your support all the time. I still need your support because I would have to take care of the next settlement visa in 4 months. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you 🙂


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      • Hihi… ekeh sudah bisa nebaaaak, pasti balasannya akan tanya gituan ala emak-emak di kondangan.
        Do you know what? pas baca postinganmu tentang acara kawinan ini aku sebenarnya mau komen gini: Kapan bikin anak…? eh sudah muncul postingan tentang itu. Itu pertanyaan otomatis dari kultur kita Byq. Kalo orang sini tanya lebih halus; Apakah kalian berencana akan bikin anak? atau tidak mau ngurusi itu samasekali.


      • Iyaaah… aduuh, budaya kita banget yah ngurusin rumah tangga orang. Hihihi… maap ya Djo, jari eyke kram kalo nggak kepo kemaren…

        Orang tuanya Mr. Fix-It udah sempet nanya rencana abis merit sebelom kita merit. Tapi nanyanya ke hubby doang, nggak ke kita berdua, dan nggak pake nembak “kapan nih kita gendong cucu?” gitu. Kayanya aku harus belajar ngerem bibir supaya nggak nanya kaya encim-encim di kondangan yah?


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