How’s The Marriage Life?


How’s the marriage life?

Soon after the wedding, I went home with Mr. Fix-It. We were all tired after the ceremony and the reception. For us the introverts, mingling and entertaining guests, even in our own party, is very draining. It doesn’t mean we weren’t happy, but socialise does take a lot of energy for us.

Anyway, I don’t want to start a long elaborated explanation about how different we introverts from extroverts, and how normal this is for us.

So we went home, all tired and happy. Took off our shoes. Sat down and drank (water for me, coffee for him), and chilled for a while. We opened the wedding gifts from friends and family, and started talking about stuffs. And sat again and relaxed….

I realised something at that moment. How weird that was to come back to the same house, doing the same chore, talking about the same stuff, drinking the same water from the same cup, but knowing that something needs to be different this time. I don’t know how you would explain this without sounding callous or heartless but I did not feel anything different from the day before I got married and after.

Only that now I could use his family name after mine.

But everything is just the same. He would go to work in the morning, we will have dinner together after he goes home. During the day I would go to the city, or just chilling at home doing nothing since I am not allowed to work for now. In the weekend we would go out like usual, doing some shopping and eat out if we wish, or redecorating the house. On Fridays he would still have his night out with is buddy, and I could go and chat with my male buddies anytime I wish. Nothing has changed.

I am very sorry to burst your bubble, my dear romantic friends, but… honestly, I really think that marriage life is a little bit over-romanticised and have been taken exaggeratedly. Seriously.

Being married doesn’t mean you would have to be with your partner all the time. You don’t have to go to the social meetings as a couple. It wouldn’t make you less a couple if you have your own me-time. You could have your little alcove in the house where your partner couldn’t disturb your sunday morning me-time reading. Yes you could.

What is different is that you are now legally a family. You have the right to make medical decision if your partner could not. You could get sued if you are being unfaithful, in some countries you could even get stoned. You are lucky if you are living in a more civilised country, the worst you could get is a bit of prison time or a nasty fine.

So I told this to Mr. Fix-It and he agreed that this is weird.

People expected us to be a different person after we are married, but isn’t that sad that a marriage should change anyone. I really hope that my marriage wouldn’t be like that. It shouldn’t be like that. If anything, it will be us becoming more ourselves in front of each other.

Have I sounded like married now?


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