So, When..?


You could never be able to satisfy people, could you?

Up until two years ago people would ask me when I would getting a boyfriend, not knowing that I just had broken up with si Onyed. Last year they would bug the shit out of me by asking when I would get married, not knowing that at that time we did not have any plan of getting married. And now, they couldn’t stop being pesky by asking me when I would have kids of my own.

Well… As I have said before, I never say never. But kids? Oh, come on…

My friend told me that kids would change so much. I changed her marriage, and according to her, in a good way. She said that her husband loves her more after she had baby. She said that their relationship became stronger after they had their son. She said that it started to feel like a real family, and marriage is no longer feels as if it’s just them living together.

I just remembered that she got pregnant before she actually got married.

How does she know that her marriage would be better off with kids than without? She practically never had a marriage without kids. And why should I need kids to make my husband loves me more? I thought with or without kids he should have loved me all the same, shouldn’t he? So how about women or men who physically couldn’t have kids? Aren’t they deserve the same kind of love from their partner apart from their ability to produce little humans?

Isn’t it pathetic that you expected a bigger love by creating life, not knowing how to actually provide for them properly? Or to love them properly? No wonder there are so many failures, kids and parents. Apparently they bred without a full consciousness of what the heck is going on with their lives after the baby born.

I am not being a grumpy old git or jealous bitch. I am completely aware that some of my friends are starting the parenthood, or motherhood to be exact. I am not interested in being a mother. If I did, I would have told my husband and we could burn all those rubber and would start an intensive sessions of baby making.

However, I agree that having babies would change my marriage, and especially my life. I told my sisters about this and asked them whether and how IT would change me. They laughed evilly, and told me this,

“Yes, being a mother would change you. You would be fatter, much grumpier and bitterer too.”

I love my sisters. They know me that well.

Tell you what? You might not have cool sisters like mine, but don’t be discourage because that was just an example that in this world there are people who knows you the best and wouldn’t bug the shit out of you by asking the impossible from you.

Just sayin’



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