I am not happy lately.

Apart from yes, I am having PMS, I also am not happy with the way things goes in here.

So, some of you might have got a little bit of idea how hard it was for me to get my fiance visa when I was in Indonesia. You knew my journey to get here, and how I had to go back and forth to be in where I am now. However, my fiance visa is just a temporary visa.

It is not even a real settlement visa.

Basically, having a fiance visa means you would be able to come in to this country and get married and get your marriage registered in this country. So it is now legal. However having a fiance visa and then got married in this country doesn’t mean that you are automatically granted a settlement visa (spousal visa or whatever). It means even if I have got married to a UK citizen, I am not allowed to work, to access the national health system (not that I want to use it anyway), and many other things. Even, if I don’t get my settlement visa done in time, I might have to leave this country AGAIN in July.

This is crazy.

Why do they have to ask so many things in the beginning to give me the fiance visa if they couldn’t give me the settlement visa after I got married? Why do they have to make things difficult for me?

I understand that it might be unwise to rant in this blog. But I honestly very much unhappy with the situation here. I think it is mean and unfair that they accepted my money, and my fiance visa application, but require me to do the same all over again, and pay them more money just to be able to stay here a bit longer. I think it is unfair.

My track record is clean. I came here as a student. I never tried to cheat the system. I paid for everything I had in this country. I had enough savings to paid for myself for the next 5 years in this country, or even more. All I want is a piece of paper saying that I can stay here with my husband. That’s all. Why do they have to make it so difficult?


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