About A Divorce


Whoa! Whoa!

What’s going on Byq? It’s only been a month and you’ve already talked about divorce?

Well… first of all, as much as it is a taboo topic for some people, it is not for me. In my opinion, no matter how sanctified marriage is for anyone, people has to get their mind open for the possibility of a divorce. My point is, if people are marrying each other for the sake of their happiness, then they should be ready to be apart for the same reason.

But, on a happier side, it’s not me who’s getting a divorce.

Why am I talking about divorce?

As what I have said in the beginning of this post, I’ve been married for one month already. It is not as difficult as I thought it would be, but it hasn’t been easy either. Especially on my husband side, as he now know that he has to deal with my crazy PMS every month for the rest of his life. Muahahaha…

The constant talks about marriage life (since it is still a hot topic among my friends), makes me think a lot about it too, unsurprisingly. And today I just remembered what my father said just before he walked me in to the registration room and gave me to Mr. Fix-it.

“If one day you decided that you are not happy, remember you always have our home as yours”

That is one and I think, the only thing I need to remember.

I am lucky enough to know that my parents wouldn’t just shun me, or disown me, or feeling too embarrassed to take me back if I decided to sign a divorce paper. I am lucky enough to know that in the end of the day, if I failed this, I still have a nice comfy safety net in my parents’ home. I am lucky that I could choose happiness above everything else, and my parents would be one hundred percent behind me and support me. I think that’s all that matters.

Of course that is not ideal. But what is?

Realistically, there are so many unhappy couple living in a physical hell (borrowing Mr. Fix-It’s word), just to avoid shame and social punishment for being a divorcee. Isn’t life too short for choosing that path?

Of course you couldn’t just decide to marry someone just to think that “oh well, if this doesn’t work I could just divorce”. There are too many legal things that is involved in marriage, so you shouldn’t mess around with that. After all, I believe people should marry for the right reasons. They might as well stay together for the same reason 🙂


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