Being Crafty


Okay… I have to admit that I have been neglecting this blog for more than awhile.

I have been busy.

Not the kind of busy that you might think of. I mean, the marriage life is not as busy as you think it would be. Especially because I have not got the permit to work in this country yet.

I have been busy doing crafty work.

It started in around 2005 when I quitted the Architecture School. I had so much time in my hand so I went to a knitting class. Yes a proper knitting class with proper expensive wool and a pair of stainless steel knitting needles. I managed to knit a hat for a friend who at that time studied in the Netherlands. But tracing back, I might have a long history with needlecraft long before that.

Apparently I am good with my fingers. It seems that it runs in the family. My mother used to crochet and do cross stitch to earn money when she was young, and when she got older she learned to use sewing machine and it seems that the sewing machine brought her to my father’s little garment company. My grandmother — from father’s mum and a somewhat traditional old lady — said that she was good with knitting, and she has proven her proficiency at making bedding and clothing patterns.

The first time I held my own crochet hook was when I was in primary school. I might be around 6 or 7 when I made my first Barbie’s hat. I then made a lot of hair scrunchies for everyone just to show off. Unfortunately I stopped before I became an expert in it, just because crocheting was not quite a cool activity to do. It’s a grandma’s thing…

Yeah, I still remembered when I made a hat for si Onyed in front of Ms. Coach. She blatantly said in front of me that I looked like a grandma with my head down, and my glasses hanging on my nose, while knit something for someone dear to me. If only I realised then how expensive my skill was valued, I would have been cashing out greens from teaching people how to knit. It was probably not the cool thing for a club girl like her, but it was something that housewives would kill to master.

Now in this country, knitting is THE thing. They even have this knitting clubs they call knit and natter for people who love needlecraft. I went to one of their meeting after a friend invited me to come to one. And while in Jakarta knit and natter is very limited, in Norwich they are everywhere!

So yes, I have been drowned in this knit and crochet activity and haven’t touched the keyboard for ages. The only time I went to my computer was either to find more tips, technique and patterns, OR to buy more knitting or crocheting equipments.

Now I kind of understand what my friend said about hobby, more than a decade ago when I asked him about why he spent so much on Magic the Gathering cards. It’s a hobby. Sometimes you sacrifice your lunch money for a month, for a rare set of cards on e-bay bidding, and that’s worth it. For him it’s the cards. For me it’s the yarns.

Sounds too passionate for a byq? Ah… okay, I will give a little bit of sneak peak of what I have been doing for awhile. Here comes the photos…


Maybelle flowers — Crochet


Crocheted rose



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  3. Aih… Sweet…. And then, will you make a DIY blog like ibu-ibu manis diluar sana? Aku lho Byq, gegara punya foodblog sampai diundang-undang blogger lain buat masak bersama tapi sayang jauh…


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