Hey, Did You Vote?


Yes yes yes…

Did you? Did you vote? Did you?

I really hope you did. I know that it is a bit late to write about voting, but this is probably the only time I could make it.

The reason why I really wanted you to vote is that because an unfortunate circumstance I couldn’t vote. The thing is when I arrived in the UK, the voting registration in the embassy has already closed, so I couldn’t be registered as a voter. While I was registered in my home town, and could vote there, I couldn’t do it because I was abroad. What a shame.

So, you, lucky citizen who got the chance to participate to write the history, I hope you did use your rights wisely.

I remembered the first time I voted in 2004. It was one of a lifetime experience. You watch telly to see who’s in the election, and you thought about it wisely. You took your time to contemplate and imagine how your country would change to the better, and you raise your hope high. It was 10 years ago, and I could still remember how it felt when I made my mind in the little voting box in Jakarta.

I believe that different people gets different first time voting experience. I really do hope that it was a real good life changing experience for you šŸ™‚

Now that I realised that the presidential election is coming up next in few months, have you decided who are you going to vote? I hope by that time I could vote too, but if I couldn’t… I wish you all the best šŸ™‚



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  1. No, I didn’t. Hehehe. Nanti aja sekalian pas pilpres. Lagian eike belum lapor kedatangan di Konjen RI sini dong. Jadi belum ada datanya, maka tidak dikirim undangan šŸ˜€


    • Sama dong eike belom lapor… Agak bingung nih soal lapor melapor, mendingan nanti aja kalo sempat balik kampung halaman baru vote. Ada legal loop yang bikin gw agak gimana buat lapor…


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