The Toughest Job


I came across this viral video “The Toughest Job”. I have suspected just from the title that it might not be a real job thingy, but I eventually watched it (and I blamed my curiosity for the longest 10 minutes of my life that I couldn’t get back). It supposed to be a surprise, the twist in the end of the video, so if you haven’t watched it and you don’t want a spoiler you might want to stop reading here. Or you might want to take a look at the video first before continue reading.

I will be the nice one here and give you the video:

It was disturbing, and according to this article, this video is: obvious, manipulative and stupid.

My mother never had to stand up all the time while mummying four children. She had enough rest, she slept heavily, she had coffee breaks whenever she wanted to, she went on holidays, she even had a full body massage twice a week. She went to the cinema to watch her favourite gangster film, she went to shops and buy new clothes, she went to the beauty parlour regularly to keep her skin ample and young, and to the salon to make sure that she had the latest hairstyle.

She hired nannies (not baby sitter!) for us to make sure we were taken care of when she was at work, she hired chauffeur so she did not have to run around to take us to and from school (or to wherever the extra piano lesson took place). She, just in case you wanted to know, worked so she could not only hired the best to take care of us, send us to the best schools to get the best education (I was sent to the UK!), and basically support all of us financially… and more. Does it mean my mother is less than a stay at home mum?

Does it mean that because my mother is happy, well rested, and working, she is less than the desperate housewives that gave up their life after marriage or having kids? That is silly and that is not fair.

My mum was the best and she is still the best. I might not always in a good term with her as I was getting older and generation gap is in the way, but nevertheless she is the supermum anyone ever wished for.

I am not sure what these guys were trying to do. Romanticising the idea that sacrificing life would give the ultimate happiness of being a mum is a stupid and silly idea. It did not only justified my reluctance to become one, it also corroborate my cynicism towards overrated parenthood.

Being a mum is not a job. It is a role.

With a job you can just quit if you are unhappy. Be a mother, you are forever bounded in a responsibility, unless you give up your kids for adoption once you realised you are an incapable mum. But it is a role, which I believe not easy to do.

Being a slave to your kids is not the right definition of being a mother. My mother is the definition of a mother.

She raised us, gave us the important basic skills to survive and then let us go to fend for ourselves in the big wild world while keeping the door open whenever we were in trouble and need some kind of salvation. She did not miss a thing, while enjoying the role.

Because it is not a job. It is not something my mother HAD to do. It is what my mother WANT to do.

So stop the crap of comparing motherhood and a slavery. They are not the same.

You rock, Ma.


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