Bybyq: Miss Socialite



Small talk, as it happened, has proven to drained me mentally. It took me awhile to be able to recover from the exhausting activity — to entertain someone and engaging in a chatty conversation.

I realised this, or was reminded of this few days ago when my sister in law came to our house and ask me to teach her how to crochet, two days in a row. I was so exhausted I felt a little bit guilty for feeling so.

Please don’t get me wrong. I like my sister in law. She is the best kind of sister in law anyone would ever ask for. She is kind and warm and very welcoming, and nice. She welcomed me to the family apart from what I have done to her brother before. I liked her attention to us and especially to me. However, I guess it is the different cultural background and age gap between us that has constructed a big thick wall between us, or at least that’s how I feel about the relationship between me and her.

It seems that the conversation couldn’t go anywhere further than small talk and superficial chit chat. It could never go deeper like the kind of conversation I had with Mr. Fix-It. Granted, he is my husband. But in a way that hardly describable, Mr. Fix-It is so much different from his big sister.

I like my sister in law, and I think she is an awesome person. But talking to her takes a lot of effort, and it is so much easier for me if I have someone else to buffer and distract — and that is my husband’s job.

I am not a self proclaimed introvert…

uniteI am an introvert.

Meeting a good friend in a quiet environment and talk as little as possible is a good hang out for me. The social dynamic between Princess AK and I, is a very good example.

We wouldn’t talk for ages, and keep an eye on each other’s social media to make sure that we are still alive. Then we decided that it might be a good time to get in touch, so we would send one or two message just because. When we need to catch up more, we probably decide one day to meet up, usually started or ended with a film. It is always nice to sit in silent and watch film. The next day we would stop talking again, not because our meet up went bad, but because we needed to recharge… and quiet time is the only way.

That… is not something many people would understand.


Now I am missing my introverts friends in Indonesia. I think I might drop them an email or a text…

Yes we hate phone calls…



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