After five pints of beer, and approximately five hundred terabytes of information exchanged, and five hours sleep, I am awake and rested enough to write something out of my brain.

So, after a long time not meeting new people, I made a new friend yesterday. I wasn’t prepared for this kind of friendship because for me it is a kind of rare thing to have in this part of the world. Basically, I met up with this guy in the city centre yesterday after few weeks of texting.

He is an Asian. To be exact, he is a Chinese Malaysian who studied in Scotland, and has got a new job in Cambridge after spent some times in Norwich. I don’t quite believe in coincidences, but after knowing that all this time we are kind of neighbour, it is funny that we never knew each other. Apart from, of course, we hung out with different people and lived different kind of lifestyle, I sort of see a bit of myself in him.

He reads, he watched good films, he likes science and politics, he listens to cool music and bands, and he writes.

His life in Malaysia as a Chinese-Malaysian was similar with mine when I was in Indonesia. His experience studying in this country, is more or less the same with mine. What he thinks and what he knows kind of mirrored what was in my head for awhile. And talking to him, spending almost the whole day with him did not exhaust me like some people.

I have to admit (and I did admit this to my husband as well), that it is nice to have an Asian friend. I mean a South-East Asian friend with an East Asian cultural background, because of course Asia is a big continent and some people don’t realise that Middle East is a part of Asia too (but that’s not the point). It is nice to have someone who shares similar background with me, who understands what I have been going through and says something that makes sense to me.

Plus this guy is awesome. He is not only sharing the same cultural and regional background with me, he’s also made my brain fizzed and buzzed. All the rusty gears there worked, lubed with five pints of beer, and a lot of swear words. In six chatty hours, we became friends and talked like two old friends. That is weird.

I am glad I met him finally.

I am glad I made the decision to go ahead and meet people. Considering I don’t do this often, it is great to use up all the energy meeting the right people that would contribute something in my development as a person. Don’t you think?


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