Is Being Smart A Curse or A Gift?


And that is the question.

It does seem like a very simple question. You have been given the options and all you need to do is choose whether you think being smart is a cure or a gift. But apparently the answer is deeper than it seems.

This subject has been brought up several times by now, by more than one friends too. It makes me believe that this is a legitimate reason for me to start thinking about it even more deeply than I did before. So… How do I start?

Many years ago, one of my friends said that it is good for her to be a little bit brighter than average people because it makes things easier for her. Later on, I understood what she meant by ‘making things easier for her’. Maybe she should have rephrased it and say a bit more honestly that being a bit brighter than some people gives her an advantage to bully them without being noticed. Plus she’s also prettier than average so it doubled the trouble.

Anyway, I did not write this entry to slag anyone off, I just wanted to make a point that some people believe that being smart is an advantage. Like what she said, being brainier than some people has given her the better ability to analyse the situation, draw the better conclusion or recognise the pattern in other people’s behaviour. It is great to have this analytical skill because it means you can access people more easily, especially those with simple minds. (And I don’t have to tell you that having her looks, makes some people put their guards down. Pretty and not stupid is not a common combination).

However, some even brainier people don’t see this as the only thing about being smart. Yes, it does have its advantages. But the downsides are somehow frustrating.

Let’s say…

Being smarter than average (my friend is a mensa with IQ higher than 140, and considered smarter than 98% world population), means that most of the conversation he had is boring. He had to dumb down even to talk to people with average (or even above average) intelligence. Most of the time he has to take time to explain his logic that normal people couldn’t follow because they are not as smart as he is. And that’s tiring.

Imagine what kind of woman he could stand as a partner. He admitted that it is so hard to find a woman with whom he could have an equal conversation (apart from he has got a sign of being a misogynistic bastard. But that’s not exactly the point).

My new friend even said that it is hard to be able to have a proper discussion like what he had with me few days ago. He said to me confidently (because he said that he is not an arrogant mutherfocker), that the conversation we had is not a common discussion normal people could follow. And I should agree with him.

I am not a self proclaimed genius. I am probably not a genius at all. I just happened to pass the Mensa test and I might be lucky by being able to answer all the questions correctly. So, I am trying to be objective in this particular matter.

Do I think being smart is a gift or a burden?

I think it is a burden.

It is tiring to keep the conversation with people who looked at you with a dumb face when you are talking about something interesting. It is hard to talk to people who don’t know anything or fail to understand a simple logic of everything. It is hard to keep saying the same thing that you thought of a simple stuff, but people keep missing the point. Seriously. I don’t have patience to do that.

It is like how Sheldon Cooper trying to teach Penny physics.

I know that it is a bit exaggerated, and it is done in a very comical way, as this is a sitcom. But, I really believe that if you couldn’t understand how Sheldon feels about that, you probably not that smart after all. Sorry…


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