Finally, An Honest and (Almost) Sensible Reason To Procreate…


This topic again?

Yes, yes, I know it is boring, and I really did not want to talk about it. I have promised myself not to talk a shit about procreation until at least the next year, but this came up the other day and I could not ignore it.

So bear with me for the petty introduction.

You see, there are at least two things that kept me ranting about procreation, as you might have gathered from reading my previous posts. First, it is the idea of having an offspring. Second, people have given me the lame reasons (like this and this) *cough*excuses*cough* for why I –specifically– want to have kids (which I don’t). But I am not going to rant (much) today, because this is rather epic (at least for me).

So, I had a great discussion few days ago, over few pints of beer and lots of laughter. The topic of having and offspring and shit came up, and as usual I was open and blatantly honest about my reluctance to bear a child and become a biological mother to any other human being. I gave him what I thought as a reasonable argument why I don’t want to procreate.

He looked at me with THAT look. Not the condescending kind of look, but the “I know what you’re talking about” kind of look. But, contrary to what I saw in his attitude, he said “but you should”.

Unlike usual, I did not take it as an offence. I knew that he was not going to say the same thing people usually say to me, and the idea of the possibility of another lame excuses why human should procreate rather amused me. Remember that we took pints of beer before this even came up in the conversation?

And what came next corroborated my presumption.

“Because you have good genes,” he said.

It is not the same talking to a smart fellow, you see?

So, his argument was this: I have good genes in me. We might not want to create a superhuman (because they are friggin’ creepy, for goodness sake), but we do want to add more good genes in the gene pool. The problem is that nowadays idiots procreate more rapidly and it could speed up the extinction of the human civilisation. So, for the better future of human existence, people with good genes like me should procreate.

Which is honest. He did not make a lame excuses about the moral, the natural desire of being a parents, and what other feels when I say I don’t want friggin’ babies. He gave a scientifically backed up argument about human civilisation and the continuation of our existence.

And that was sensible. At THAT TIME. Because of the bloody pints of beer I took.

Now that I think about it again. It just ALMOST sensible, but not quite there yet. What do I care about the existence of human civilisation in the next 400 years? I am not going to be there to witness the downfall of humanity, I have seen the sign anyway. I wouldn’t be there, because I would be dead by then. And I would not be exist (because there is no hell and heaven, and no such thing as reincarnation). And nobody would remember my name, unless I suddenly become famous and was written in the history book (but no one reads history now, why would you think they will read it in the future?).

It just ALMOST sensible because I would not enjoy what I procreate today. I would only suffer what I procreate today. So why?

And FYI, human civilisation would face the extinction sooner than you think anyway, adding more people to the population would only speed up the ending of us. It means, his argument was sensible at that time because I have been drinking, and while the alcohol influence in my brain receded, so did the sensibility of the argument. So think again… now without alcohol…


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  1. Youreのように右。あなたとそこにイム。誰もがそれを横切って来る場合、あなたのブログは、読み取り間違いなく価値があります。今アイブ氏は、この全体の新しいビューを獲得したので、イムは幸運私でした。私は、この問題は非常に重要なので、ユニバーサルたことを実現していませんでし。あなたは確かに私のための視点でそれを置きます。


  2. 例外 ブログここに!また、あなたのインターネットサイトは クイック 実際にはかなり非常にアップロードします!あなたはどのようなホストを ていますか?私はあなたのホストにあなたのアフィリエイトリンクを取得することはできますか?私は自分の望むようにアップロードされた 高速としてあなた笑xrumer


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