Homosexuality, Paedophilia, Predatory, and Ignorance


I can’t believe I am writing this in 2014. I mean… I thought we have come out from the dark age. I thought, with the comfort of the digital era, the ease of acquiring free information, people are way more educated than they were decades ago.

Apparently not.

But everything has the beginning, and I think the JIS (Jakarta International School) scandal has opened the old wound and eventually made a big setback for the LGBT movement in Indonesia. Although admittedly, it shouldn’t.

JIS Scandal
JIS, or Jakarta International School is a… well… a school with an international standard in Jakarta. Most of the students are the expatriates’ children and kids from rich families in the city. Some are child celebrities, or the children of diplomats and even politicians. The high profiled school has been known to have a high level of security system — even parents couldn’t easily access the school.

However, the school reputation has been stained by the allegation made by parents of a student. They accused that their child has been sexually abused inside the school building by two men, and with the help of one woman. The female abuser helped to spot and lure the victim, while the two men would take turn abusing the toddler by sodomising.

The second allegation came up later after the first went public.

Predatory and Homosexuality
Many believes that some people grew up being a homosexual because they were (sexually) abused when they were young. Would I deny this? Sadly, no. It is true that some traumatised children who end up grow up as a homosexual, blamed their sexual experience when they were young as the trigger. It is not proven right or wrong, it’s just the phenomenon we cannot ignore.

However, sexual predatory is a completely different monster. Sexual predator preys upon others to satisfy their sexual needs. It is not necessarily little children, or homosexual, sexual predator could be found even in an adult heterosexual environment. Serial rapist for example, or even sex slavery done non-consensually by one’s own spouse/partner/lover, could be categorised as sexual predation.

So being able to differentiate both is a good start already.

Predatory and Paedophilia 
This is a bit harder to explain. I am trying to do this with an open mind. And, although I have wrote about it once, I don’t mind explaining a bit more, since I am quite aware that not many do research before speak up.

Paedophilia is basically a sexual attraction to prepubescent children. They are aroused with the sign of youth, and physical attributes that follows it. Paedophilia is categorised in the same group with Paraphilia, Necrophilia, and so on. They are sexual fetishes, and please google it if you want to know more — as they are plenty in there.

Are all paedophiles child predators? No they are not.

An act of predation is indicated by the force or the non-consensual sex, there is real victim who might be under attack, blackmail, threat or probably tricked to do what they don’t usually like to do. When paedophiles act upon their fetishes, in come country their crime is called “statutory rape”, it means the children is considered a “victim” simply because they are under age.

In some cases, kids psychological state grows up faster than their physique. In these cases it is hard to see between the blurry lines. For example: When 18 years old guy, who is considered as an adult, have sex with his girlfriend — 14 years old girl, who is considered as a minor and hasn’t got her first period (which is normal because some hasn’t even got it until they are 15), would he be considered as a paedophilia? He would definitely be charged with “statutory rape” for having sex with minor, but would he be called a sexual predator?

Ignorance, however is a bigger problem. It set off from a simple mind, and empowered by a backward teachings in society. Sadly, I should say that in a land where diversity is cherished, ignorance is still rooted in the heart and the mind of the people. It instilled the prejudice, even hatred to others who are not like them.

Can you imagine how people would act and speak based on ignorance?

In some countries, having sex with 10 years old girl is fine. It is called marriage, when parents gave their blessings for their 8 years old baby to marry a man 50 years her senior. Some religious bigot would say that it is fine, because it is legal in front of their religion and god. However in some country, not only the husband would be jailed for “statutory rape”, but also the parents would be imprisoned for child abuse.

The same religious bigot would be very much disgusted by two adult men in love, kissing under the rain, holding hand to each other. Because of what?

Ignorance creates bigotry. Ignorance makes these people think that 8 year old girl marrying 40 year old man is fine, while two men in love is such a disgusting act. Ignorance makes these people overlook all the facts, and only accept “science” which could corroborate their presumption that homosexuality is wrong.

So, should I conclude the long entry today to few words?

Homosexuality is a sexual orientation.

Paedophilia is a sexual fetish.

Sexual predatory is a sexual crime.

Ignorance is a bliss… for an idiot.


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