Crochet Project: Pink Spring Blanket


Summer is coming soon, but British Summer is not the warm sunny kind of summer, it is windy and sometimes chilly. So, having a nice bright coloured blanket is kind of acceptable. you see?

I made this blanket using the maybelle granny square pattern from this website.

After making enough maybelle flowers like this:

I made 64 flowers, with 4 different colours in the shade of red and pink. Because I am using odd yarns, the size of each flower is a bit different, but that doesn’t really matter because the next step is the crucial one.

I used the same yarn to make all the square, so it ends up the same size (12cmx12cm each). I did have the photos of the squares but can’t be bothered to upload it now. But yeah, after finishing all those 64 squares, sew them together.

It was such a chore sewing them up together. I have to admit, I am not really good at it, and it took forever to get them done. Or at least it felt like it. But finally I got it finished…

It looked alright. A bit crinkly and wavy, but i reckon it was because of the uneven tension when I crocheted the squares. Next, I crocheted the edge border to make it more blankety. And this is the end result 🙂



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