Oh dear…

Finally I can breathe more easily right now, as my residence permit is now approved and I can live as a UK residence for 30 months. At least for the next two years, I wouldn’t have to worry about this.


I came for my wedding on Fiancee visa. This kind of visa would only allow you the entrance and permit to get your marriage registered in this country. The UK law is no longer allow a non UK/EU residence to register their marriage in this country, so if you come here with general visitor visa, they wouldn’t accept your document and legalise your wedding here.

Getting this fiancee visa is not easy. I had to wait for at least 3 months before the visa was approved. If you are about to do the same thing, this is the kind of thing you would need to acquire to get it approved:

1. Financial Requirements
You AND/OR your partner would have to provide the evidence that once you are married you would have to be able to support yourself and your household. The UK government has set up a minimum requirement that you could find in their website. The kind of evidences that they would accept: bank statement that shows your savings, payment slip that shows your salaries, and these evidence has to be gathered 6 month prior to your application.

2. Evidence of your relationship
They want to make sure that your relationship is a legit and authentic. Being in a long distance relationship you must have a kind of correspondence that you can show them. Get them gathered as much as you can: phone statement, emails, chatting history, etc. I know that sometimes you do the sexting or talking dirty on skype. Just censor it with black marker if you wish, but I am pretty sure the case worker has seen almost everything. Include photos of you together, and you together with families to show that you have met each other in real life.

3. Other important documents
Passports (and other photo IDs you could find to prove who you really are), the prove that you both are eligible for a marriage, documents that show where you lived and where you are going to live (usually your sponsor’s house), the language requirement that is needed because surely you would have to speak English if you are about to get married in this country, don’t you?

My other suggestion is to make everything real and honest. You don’t need to fake anything that you don’t have. They would cross check and if you are found out forging an official document, not only you would get a criminal records which would make it even harder to get in to any other countries in the future, you would also denied the entrance at once.

After you get married, go to the Home Office website once more and download or fill in the latest form to get the residence permit. Mine is FLR(M), which is for a spouse of a UK residence. There are two options: first, you send it via post. When you send it via post, they would take time to process your application, and they would send you another form for Biometric Residence Permit. You would have to take the Biometric photo in the appointed places and post offices. Then some more times to get the biometric data processed and checked before you got your result. This could take weeks to months.

The second option is to get things done in person. This is called a premium service, and of course it cost you premium too. You would have to book an appointment date after you pay your application fee, and bring all the needed document to where the appointed Home Office office (sorry, I really don’t know what to call that), and wait for averagely 2-3 hours and get the result done in the same day.

I took the second one. Of course. I couldn’t take the prolonged misery, and wait for one more day for my result. It’s too overwhelming.

I got my application approved, and just yesterday I got my permit sent home, and now I could live in this country. Now I could get a job, and study, and start a business if I want to. What a life….


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