Film Review: Mysterious Skin


Title: Mysterious Skin
Year: 2004
Director: Gregg Araki
Actors: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Michelle Trachtenberg, Brady Corbet


Joseph Gordon-Levitt, you said, squealing while fantasising the younger version of this handsome boyish looking man. I think I better put the disclaimer in the beginning of my review, because if you are expecting a romantic comedy or any kind of vanilla drama, this is not the kind of Joseph Gordon-Levitt you would like to see. This would shatter all your fantasy of the perfect Joseph Gordon-Levitt you might have had in your mind.

Mysterious skin is a film made from a novel of the same title by Scott Heim in 1996. It is a dark drama about the life of two adolescent boys: Brian and Neil. Brian grew up as a very quiet boy who believes that he was one of the alien abduction victim when he was young, and Neil who grew up being a gay prostitute. Their life entangled in the past in the little town where the setting of the story was taken.

It would take a lot to make me feel that a film is disturbing, and I was a little bit disturbed in a way that I don’t know. I would have to put a very big disclaimer in the beginning, that this is not for everybody. As much as I think that this film is really good, some people would find this film as too much too handle.

This is definitely not a family drama. It has a lot of explicit sexual content, strong word and violence. Not for kids, not for the faint hearted too.

I would still rate this 10/10 and recommend this for my friends. 🙂


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