Applying for FLR (M)… What the hell is that?


The fiancee visa will expired in 6 month. So, if you are coming to this country with this visa, you would have to get your leave to remain permit soon before your staying permit is over. After you are married, FLR (M) is the form you would want to get. If you want to do it in person like me, you will have to download the most recent form from the Home Office website. However, because this service is very expensive, use this service only when your application is straightforward.

What is straightforward application? Well… In my experience, if you have nothing else as consideration why you might not be able to get your application approved, means your case is not quite straight forward. In my case, because I have ticked all the boxes and get all the requirements, and came in the country with fiancee visa, mine is considered as a straightforward case.

The application centre I went to is the Croydon Home office. It is located in Lunar house in Wellesley Road, it is close to a tram station, two train stations, and a bunch of hotels. So, you would have plenty of options to get to this place on time. And I strongly suggest you come on time.

The documents that you need:

1. Your correct form, fully filled with black pen. It is clearly said that you need to fill in with black pen, so trying to fill it in with red ink is not quite wise.

2. The print out of your proof of appointment booking AND the payment proof. I almost forgot to print out the booking proof and crossed the manager at Travelodge for asking him to print that out for us.

3. Passports, and other photo IDs. Two of your photographs, and one of your sponsor’s photograph, all in the correct UK passport size.

4. The supporting documents: bank statement, payment slip, tax summary etc., same with the financial requirements you need for your fiancee visa. You would have to attach your language requirement proof, police registration, and your marriage certificate. It would be better if you could produce the official letter from the working place, or the council office too.

Make sure that you have got them all in original, and ready. You would not have time or opportunity to talk to the case worker, and defend yourself for the lack of the documents or needed evidence. So their decision would be solely based on the documents you provide to them.

Get to the application centre 15-20 minutes earlier then your appointment. You would have to go through all series of security check like the one we’re having at the airport, so it would take awhile. I would suggest you to bring as little as possible except for the documents. I carried my luggage and it was a little bit of a hassle.

First of all, you would see the receptionist that would check that you are bringing the correct form, and make sure you are who you say you are on your photo ID. After you got your self checked in, you would be sent to the waiting room. You will be given a number that would identify your case for the whole process. The waiting room is quite big with a cafeteria in the middle where you could order food or drink.

You would be called, by the officer that would check and enter your data to the case worker to work on. The officer would put together your documents and form, to be sent to the case worker with the biometric data that you would provide soon after. I regret that I did not put on a full make up, but I am glad I was not looking too bad either. You would get your photo taken, this photo would be on your Biometric Residence Permit. You would get your fingerprints taken as well.

After the biometric data taking, you would be sent back to the waiting room, this time for a little bit longer. The length of the process would depend on the straight forwardness of your case. The case worker would go through all the documents that you provided, and do the cross checking again. In the waiting room you would be able to track your case because they would have your case number displayed there.

It is said that normally it would take 2-3 hours in total. But I only need one and a half hour before we are called to get our documents and result back. AND, I got my application approved.

Honestly, it was a little bit anticlimax when the officer announced my approval. He just gave me the bundle of documents, and said that congrats your application has been approved. And we just sat there without knowing what to say, and feeling a little bit in a limbo even after we walked out the building.

But yeah…

It’s done now, and we are very happy. So, if you are doing or planning on doing the same thing, I wish you luck, and I hope this would help 🙂


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  1. Oh! That was really a what the hell, with security check and so on. Are you living in a big city?
    Kalo aku dulu kok enak banget ya Byq, cuma bikin janji ke foreign office dengan dokumen yang ndak banyak2 banget dan okay, suasana kantor itu memang sedingin dan sekejam neraka. Terus diterima resepsion, nunggu sebentar dan dokumen diurus straigh forward, selesai. Tapi urusan kok mudah ya? mungkin karena kita nikah sama orang lokal ya…


    • Croydon is in London, Djo. But the authorities here are a little bit paranoid about security, so it’s understandable.

      Mirip kok Djo. Sebenernya simple, bikin janji, dan siapin dokumen yang diminta. Dan emang dingin dan kejam banget, kita bahkan ga ada kesempatan buat interview. Padahal kita udah berharap ada interview supaya bisa jelasin ini itu, buat support dokumen kita.

      Aku juga mikir karena kita nikah sama orang lokal makanya terasa lebih simpel. Karena mereka percaya sama orang sendiri, dan selama kita ga klaim benefit mereka yakin-yakin aja kita ga akan jadi beban negara…

      Untunglah udah lewat semua ini…


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