Children in Public Places


There are more and more restaurants banning children from their premises, especially during peak hours. I am not surprised when I heard about this, knowing that there are less and less people could tolerate nuisance when all they want is just to have a nice weekend outings after a hard long week of work. Not everybody agrees with me, and I will agree to disagree with their opinion.

I also think that little children should be banned from public spaces, at least until they are fully trained on how to behave nicely. There is nothing worse than sitting in a table, eating your medium rare steak and one drolly little bastard standing next to you staring until you sternly stare back at them… and then they would cry. And make… instead of a silent nuisance, a loud noisy one.

Some restaurants has used banning and fining parents and children who disturbs other customers, which is also a good alternative solution if you don’t want to completely ban them from your business premise. I think it is an okay compromise, considering this is a less preventive solutions, but friendlier to parents.

I wonder if the same regulation is applied in Indonesia. I know that many of kids lover, parents wannabe would be furious. Indonesia, as many other Asian countries, is a very family oriented country. In our culture we bring our family on outings, and we would not leave anyone behind. Which is good.

However, we forgot that in our culture we also think that misbehaving children is a shame to the family. In the old days, we wouldn’t just sit and eat while the children is running around disturbing other people. We wouldn’t just keep silent when the children shouting and crying. We would be shamed as parents for not being able to teach the children how to sit nicely.

Nowadays young parents would say: “Oh they’re only four year old, you don’t need to be so strict to them at so young age…”

I might seem or sound mean. But I am not the only one.

There are more and more people who support this child banning rule. We are in the kind of society where people are working hard each day, and wish for a nice outings without being disturbed. If we want to be in a noisy or distressing environment, we could just stay where we are working. Restaurants and cafe is our escape from this noisy and distressing environment, and I think it is not too much for us to ask.

As the closure of today’s rant, I would tell you my experience on our way back from London to Norwich.

We were in a bus, tired and no longer excited, All we wanted was to sleep for the rest 3 ++ hours journey. No we cannot. A family with two toddlers are sitting just behind us, and for the rest of the journey these little bastards just kept shouting to their parents, and everyone was just either too polite to shout back at this family to keep their kids shut up, or too afraid to be sent to jail for throwing away this shitty nuisance out of the windows.

Or they’re just too scared of being called racist as these people are of different ethnicity.

But darn that’s a very traumatic experience. And parents like that should be banned for life, or fined millions and millions quids for being so bloody ignorant of how annoying their kids were.

We ended up moving to other seating after a stop and some seats were emptied after some of the passengers has gone. Even from 6 rows away I could still hear them shouting and bouncing. Seriously… Ban kids from public premises.


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