Illegal Immigrants and Proud? WTF?


This is not a sick joke. This is sick, but not a joke.

Illegal Immigrants and Proud is one of the infamous documentary series on Channel 5 in the UK. The film maker basically following these illegal immigrants around, showing how they live their life here, and how they got in. In one and only episode I watched, they were talking about how some people in this country actually helped these people to settle in. What a silly story.

No. I do have pity. But none to spare to these illegal immigrants.

You might not know why should I bother, and why should I be grumpy about them being able to get in and being treated nicely. This is why.

Remember all those hassle I have gone through just to be accepted as a residence to this country? It used to be so much friendlier before all these illegal immigrants are trying to invade this country and breaking all the rules.

Some blamed the politician for being a bunch of fascists, and racists, and so on. They forgot that the government of this country is only protecting their citizen. I couldn’t blame them for being very careful with their decision in home office, knowing that there are so many fraud out there, they should always be ready to purge. No wonder big countries are being paranoid with immigrants.

Long story short, these people make the legit legal and prospective immigrants, who want to start or continue living in this country, went through a series of difficulties. 2012 they stopped the PSW, because there are many students never came back after being here too long, and overstay they permit. They added more and more shitty requirements such as, you are no longer allowed to marry in this country with general visitor visa, knowing that there are so many people does this contract marriage thingy.

I really have not only strong feelings, but also opinions about illegal immigrants. I had to go back and forth 4 times to be where I am now. It’s very costly, and time consuming, and honestly very difficult to play by the rule. But it hasn’t to be that way. It hasn’t always be that way.

So what happen when I heard some people that I actually know, and considered as friends told me that they are happily breach this immigration rule? Not in the UK, but in the country they settled in. Obviously, i couldn’t say anything, being polite and shit. But I was very disappointed that they did not realise what they did, and how it would affect the other Indonesians citizen who are going abroad to get a better life.



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