Oh… Rubbery…


Last week was the first time I heard about this new fad: Loom Bands.

I could remember one of my childhood friends (not that I have many), posted it on her social media, but I did not give a damn because I thought it was only one ugly bracelet she was going to show. But apparently this is just “in” not only in Indonesia, but also here in the UK.

So, what do you do with loom bands? Loom bands is basically small rubber bands. Do you remember the little rubber bands you use to tie your hair? This is the same exact rubber band. But since nowadays girls prefer to let their hair down, or using scrunchies to tidy their hair (so it wouldn’t pull their hair too much), rubber bands are no longer selling. So of course the rubber manufacturer has to find a way to sell it again.

Ah, why don’t use the rubber bands as a creative projects for kids. So they made a loom board, so that kids (and their mothers) would be able to create stuffs with the rubber bands. The easiest things to make are accessories like bracelets and rings.

And people are just keep making this non stop… for fuck sake

When I was a little girl, these kind of activity (bracelet making, art and craft thingy) is a girl thing. You know, the colourful friendship bracelets, or a make a wish bracelet charm, etc. is a very girly thing. While the girls are busy making this bracelet, and probably trying to make it as not-girly as possible so that their boyfriends would not too scrutinised while wearing it, the boys are busy having fun on the open, kicking the ball, or their friends, or just running around being arseholes.

But not making bracelets.

So I was kind of… well, surprised might not be the most honest word I could find to express what I felt when I knew these little boys are making bracelets from rubber bands, but that was the only non-offensive way to do it. Of course I don’t want to generalise or even tell that boys should play football and girls should play house and dolls, but seriously…

It was just an ugly stuff to make.

It’s not even a pretty bracelet.

So, when my hubby’s buddy’s son gave me two bracelets and one ring, made from these ugly loom bands, what should I say? I couldn’t just throw it in his face and say: this is ugly, why do I want this to be around my wrist, you little fucker? Of course not. So, instead:

Ah… thank you. That’s… rubbery…


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