Are You Ready To Vote?


I am.

After days of being ignored by the electoral committee in London, I finally got informed that I could vote in the Indonesian Embassy in London tomorrow.

Some of my friends in Norwich has already got their ballots sent to their residence in Norwich. All they needed to do was to send back the ballots to the Indonesian Embassy after they voted. It is so much more efficient since you wouldn’t have to go all the way to London, and you wouldn’t have to queue. However I couldn’t do that.

The reason was because I registered late. The same reason why I did not vote for the legislative election three months ago.

The election abroad would be held earlier from the national election in Indonesia. While you in Indonesia will vote for our next president on the 9th, we would have to do it earlier probably considering the transportation of the ballots back to Indonesia for the counting.

So which candidate am I going to vote for? Well well well…

Honestly, I have lost my confidence in both candidates, so I am no longer considering any of the candidates as the reason why I vote for them. I will choose based on the coalition, and guess what? I dislike FPI… So you know roughly which one I would pick JUST to make sure FPI would be banished from Indonesia.

If you– like me, want our government to beat FPI and other radicalism, please use your voice. If you’re like me, and you want a better MENKOMINFO, whose job isn’t only censoring everything that he finds offensive, please use your voice. We might not agree with ALL of JKW action, or his coalition, BUT being abstinent means giving more chance to the worse candidate.

And we don’t want that.

Do we?



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