Integrity and Other Tough Shits…


We are waiting.

Yes, we are waiting for the result of the presidential election a week ago.

Media has been broadcasting not only the various controversy quick count results, but also the news about the cheating allegations towards either candidates. Some got the news about an angry candidate, while the other media accused the other candidate of being fake by going for a pilgrimage. In the end, media has splat Indonesia into two. I am not surprised that in the end of this month we would get ourselves into a civil war.

You might want get some foreign currency just in case.

However, one of the hottest keyword during this painful excruciating waiting time is: cheating.

We hate cheaters don’t we?

We condemn the cheating success team. We want someone who is honest, playing and running the election with high integrity… and shit. And we did not realise… integrity is taught and learned.

You are angry that we are being cheated by the other presidential team, but when you were confronted about why you cheated on your exam, you would say: that’s a form of creativity. You say that they shamelessly changed the result on the c1 form, but you proudly said that you exchanged exam papers with your friends, and you passed the subject with flying colour. You would condemn the presidential team who fake the survey, and quick count result, how about then when you silently marked up the number on your table to make your thesis look good in front of the panel?

You said that we shouldn’t keep silent because that’s the right thing to do, but why did you silenced the mother whose son were expelled from school because he did not want to help his friends and teacher cheated on the exam? You said we should speak up when you see injustice, but did you say something when your teacher missed one number you answered wrong and gave you better score than you deserved to have?

Those politicians, you would rant about them promising things they would never fulfil after they’ve got what they wanted. But was it you promising your children ice cream they never had? We would talk about how willing these officers to change whatever the cheating candidate wants for the price of a car. Was it you bribing your son’s teacher so he could be moved to the next level although academically he was flunked?

I am not saying we are not entitled to a great honest president whose integrity isn’t questionable. But I am afraid that we would no longer able to provide this kind of people in the future if we don’t prepare the next generation with the needed tough shit we would need in the future.

I am afraid the next generation would pick up what you do, and do it because you are their role model. They would cheat, and told you it’s a form of creativity. They would bribe their way out. They would lie, and break promises exactly the way you show them how. And they are our future.

So just stop for a moment. Stop the shouting, the cussing, and the ranting. Stop accusing, cursing, and blaming. What have we done ourselves? Have we done things right? Have we got the right mentality to keep the nation with the needed integrity? Or we do need the “Revolusi Mental” ourselves?

That’s from me.

Good night 🙂


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  1. I’d like to share a little story 😛

    There are some censored bits to protect people’s identity… cause this is kind of a personal story.

    One of [Person A]’s long time maid’s daughters is enrolling on junior high school this year, and she didn’t make it to any of the free schools (negeri) cause her NEM isn’t good enough. Then [A’s mother] complains that the girl’s mother won’t accept the bribe that they’re willing to pay to get her in… and I guess I was shocked by that. When someone who has less apparently has more integrity…. it shows just how natural people around here think of cheating and bribing.

    I’m glad it still feels wrong to me… *is one of those kids who never cheated at school xD* *except maybe some writing creativity in college >_>*


    • Well… most of us have done something we are not proud of in the past. But your story shows that it seems that in our culture, when we are in a trouble, our first response is: how could we cheat our way out of here? It is as if the only solution to get to a better place is by cheat and bribe. >_<


  2. It shows how easy the people of Indonesia can be split into two opposite sides. So sick of timeline flooded with all the rubbish post about both candidates’ flaws. People seem to forget that no one is perfect, even a president himself. Whoever we choose, no one can guarantee that the chosen one could bring a much better change for Indonesia. People might do anything to get power and such, and cheating is one of the ways. It’s been a culture and people accept it.


    • Sad isn’t it? We accept “cheating to get what we want” as a part of our culture. We could easily blame those politicians, but we always forgot that big cheaters started small…


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