Paper Things…



It’s been a year!

Yes, it has been a year since I married Mr. Fix-It, and it does feel weird. I haven’t stopped feeling weird, knowing that we consciously decided to get ourselves in a serious commitment. Every night, for more than 300 days being married I still told my now husband: “can’t believe we’re married”.

And, every time he would answer: “I know. Terrible isn’t it?”


I don’t know how to start explaining about how marriage life is.

People, usually my acquaintance would ask me how life has changed after being married. Like before, I would say, nothing has actually changed. Maybe the legal status, marital status, and that adjustment we needed to make to fit our personalities in one house, but nothing else has changed. We still are ourselves.

We still spend times doing things that we like, sometimes together, sometimes separately. We don’t need to chaperone each other, but we would be quite happily accompany each other when needed. I am quite happily stay at home when he is out for his usual Friday Movie time with his bestfriend, and enjoy my me-time drinking beer and watching Star Trek: The Next Generation (yes, I have a thing for Data).

I would ignore his ranting, or pretend to listen and made a non committal comments (I know he does not read my blog, so I could happily admit this too) whenever it’s needed, and he could ignore me completely while playing computer games. But we would quite happy spending weekends in the pub, playing pool and drinking beer, while involuntarily making acquaintances with local patrons there.

Of course, like I said, fitting two different personalities in a house is not an easy matter.

We grew up in a totally different background. Although we shared ideas and common interests, we have lived our lives quite differently. I am used to organised, planned things. I like having things in place, small stuffs on the table, clothings in the laundry basket, dishes and cutleries washed after dinner. Mr. Fix-It had it differently. Being a single bachelor living by himself for more than 6 years might have shaped his chaotic personality. His way to decide whether or not clothings need to be washed is with sniffing test, dishes and cutleries will be washed… when there’s no clean one to use, dropping trashes outside the bin is not a big deal as once in a blue moon he would take the trash out.

That, sometimes brought me to frustration. I can’t believe someone could live a chaotic life like that and survive.

I have also changed his diet as well. Now he would have to deal with home cooking almost every day.

I cannot believe he lived off takeaways, and ready meals for years and managed to be alive. Seriously. My first few months in the UK, living off ready meals and takeaways, I decided to learn cooking because I know, my taste buds know, my whole digestive system knows, that I would not survive eating those craps. He did. I don’t know if I should be amazed or sorry.

So, I learned, not only to cook Asian food (which apparently suits his taste), but also pasta and some sweet things like biscuits and cakes. I still don’t understand the British loves to sugar, but at least I know that they like things sweet. Not a problem for me whatsoever.

One year learning each other’s behaviour. One year trying to understand each other lifestyle. One year of little and big adjustments. I think we have done it alright.


Anyway, I would like to say happy anniversary to my husband (although I am pretty sure he would not read this blog anyway). I would say it in person, and of course… my little paper surprise for him. Muahahaha…

Oh yeah, about that… I would tell you tomorrow.


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