Stephen Fry, Benedict Cumberbatch and Alan Turing


Few weeks ago, my husband and I finally managed to watch “The Imitation Game”. It is a story about one of the most celebrated mathematician in the UK, Alan Turing. He was one scientist whose work has probably saved the Allies’s arses from being whipped by the NAZI during World War II, the machine that would be the embryo of the modern computer we use today.

And he was treated like shit because he was gay.

Just two years ago, Queen Elizabeth II decided to give Alan Turing the posthumous royal pardon, for his conviction of gross indecency in 1950s. Alan Turing himself decided to end his own life, after being made to take female hormone to “fix” his homosexual behaviour.

For modern, knowledgeable, educated, and literate people, what has happened to Alan Turin is horrible. As civilised people, we would think that it is unthinkable to make someone do something that they don’t want, to deny their nature, and hormonally self castrating themselves to avoid prison time. It is unthinkable to treat someone who has done so much for human civilisation like that. And it is still unthinkable to know that Alan Turing is only one of so many.

Stephen Fry, and Benedict Cumberbatch, are two of so many people who think that this is an important matter to address. Not only that they have shared something in common with Alan Turing, but also that they believe that Alan Turing, and more than 40 thousands other people who was convicted for the same reason as his should be pardoned as well.

Stephen Fry, who just got married to his 30 year younger husband, went to the same university Alan Turing went — University of Cambridge. He’s one of my favourite celebrities in the world. Very intelligent, incredibly funny, and remarkably talented as a writer too, he’s probably one of the most amazing tv personality I have ever seen. Man, he went to Queen’s College, University of Cambridge… on scholarship, and made an incredible show in University Challenge. He’s a good friend of your well-loved Hugh Laurie too, you know?

While Benedict Cumberbatch, who ended up portraying Alan Turing in The Imitation Game, went to University of Manchester where Alan Turing worked as a lecturer. You might know him better on his appearance on BBC television show as Sherlock Holmes. Or if you’re watching Miss Marple too you might caught him in one of the episodes as Mr. Fitzpatrick. Incredibly handsome, with voice that could make me blush and gush, Mr. Cumberbatch had a private education (which means good education too).

These two incredible celebrities have been promoting a petition asking pardon for all other men who got convicted like Alan Turing. If you would like to join and sign the petition like them, this is the link:

or you can click HERE

And, yes, I am helping the cause and I would be happy if you do too.


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