Migrating to Blogger?


I have been thinking about it for awhile now. Superbyq.com will be 5 years next month and I realised that I have not yet used this blog maximally. Or at least, as much as I wanted to. Keep maintaining this blog feels like contraproductive right now, but I love this blog, and love wordpress. 

I could have moved this blog to wordpress.com instead but it does not give as much freedom as blogger does. But blogger’s lack of mobility makes it difficult for me to maintain from my phone. Having these two options in mind gives me a big dilemma. Should I? Should I not?

So today, I decided to browse a little bit more about migrating my blog to a free blogging platform. Apparently it is very much possible to export the whole blog to blogspot as well as to wordpress.com. How enticing, how tempting. It really makes me think now. 

But, am I ready to lose the convenient and the freedom self hosted blog has offered me for this last 5 years? I seriously considered log in to an admin page from superbyq.com is very comforting. It seems like having my own house, walking through my own door. Not renting an apartment, walking through blogger.com or wordpress.com. They could delete my blog anytime they want, you know? They did it before, and I know they could do it again in the future…

But of course I need to be sensible too. Paying for both domain name and hosting is too much for me right now. I have too many hobbies and too little income. So migrating to a free blogging platform needs to be seriously considered.

I don’t really want to ask Mr. Fix-It foe his opinion about this. First of all, he would offer me to pay the blog maintenance, knowing how important this blog is for me. That would, of course, make me feel even worse. And second of all, this is my blog. My personal life, and Mr. Fix-It hasn’t even been here much. So, why now the maintenance of this blog should be his problem?

I need yo give some thought about it, while maybe finding out when the next time I need to extend the hosting service. I’ll buy myself some times before a decision. 


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  1. Oh Byq, happy to see you active blogging again, me too, still always aktif blogging tapi pake bahasa lain bukan di ketimpringan.com, lagi krisis waktu soalnya…

    Free blogging platform such blogspot or paid hosting? as a busy blogger (hihi gaya…) i would suggest; pilih keduanya!

    Aku punya beberapa blog aktif dan mereka tersebar di free platform blogspot, using paid hosting with wordpress and joomla! tergantung kebutuhan dan rencana.

    Do you want to know bagaimana cara pilih blog platform yang tepat? i can tell you personally when we meet in July, if you want. Dengan kata lain; aku perlu nama dan alamat pos kalian buat kirim surat undangan (surat undangan ini nantinya juga bisa kamu lampirkan buat bikin German Visum di konsulat). PM Please dong ya….


    • Aku udah kirim e-mail ke kamu, Har. Hihihi… iyalah sibuk… lagi persiapan ❤ ❤

      Btw, aku udah liat food blogmu… Laper deh liat foto2nya. Sayang aku ndak mudeng bahasa Jerman. Jd pengen belajar rasanya…


  2. I’ve always wanted to migrate to self-hosting domain. But I have to be patient and be grateful for Blogger. Lol.

    But hey, I think you could just prioritise which one is the most important for you among all of your hobbies. That way you can sort out the money problem, too. If keeping this blog is on top of the priority, then spending a little more money for it can be worth it. Why sacrifice all the freedom you have to migrate to free blogging platform? Think again 😉


    • Hi Rae,

      I think what you’ve said made sense. This blog has been with me through think and thin and I would be very happy if I could maintain this blog for a little bit longer. Thank you, I think it’s very comforting to know that I am not being silly by doing this. Hopefully I could find a job soon, so funding this job wouldn’t be so burdening 🙂


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