What A Day!


Sometimes, when it is closer and closer to a deadline, and there are so much left to do, Mr. Fix-It goes for an overtime job on Saturday morning. Like yesterday. It was not ideal for me, because I would like to be able to wake up next to my husband — something that I can’t do during the weekdays (he goes to work very early because his new workplace is almost an hour away from home).

But he does what he needs to do, and since he brings more money home, I cannot complain much.

As usual, before he finished his job and drove home, he would send me a text to let me know that he’s going to be home in about an hour. It usually gives me enough time to cook the food I prepare beforehand, and clear out the table. But Saturday work is not a full day work, he sent me the message around midday saying that he’s going home.

So I just sat on the living room, chatting with my sisters and brother — discussing about whether my sister needs to buy a netbook, a laptop, or build her own pc to replace her laptop that was stolen a month ago. I did not realised that a big day is going to happen.

Around one o’clock, my phone rang. From the caller’s ID, it said that it was my husband calling. So I picked it up, thinking that he might be delayed or something. But it was not my husband’s voice in the other end. It was a man, and asked me if I know my husband.

Gosh, I was petrified. I thought something bad has happened to my husband. I now understand how come so many people get scammed in Indonesia, and give their money, being a victim of a fraudulent call. I can’t just get over the panicky feeling that crept up.

It did not help when the guy on the phone told me that he found Mr. Fix-It’s phone IN THE ROAD. I couldn’t help thinking, how come a phone can be left in the road. Many scenarios went in my head. Was my husband being kidnapped, and the kidnapper threw away the phone to make sure he’s not tracked? Was my husband being robbed in the street, and the phone fell from his pocket when he fought back the thugs? Was he in an accident?

So I told him that obviously because he’s got my husband’s phone, I could not contact my husband. But, since he was in the city, I asked if he’s okay to meet me to give me the phone. He said okay, so I said to him that I will be there in half an hour.

I wrote a simple note. Just in case. I said in the note: “Mubby, I am going to the city centre to get your phone back. Wait for me here.”

Seriously. Now that I think about it, it sounds really dodgy. But I was in a rush at that time. Right when I finished dressing up, I found in the living room: MY HUSBAND, reading the note I just wrote. He looked very confused reading my note, so I gave him a brief story about a man called me saying that he found his phone, and found my number as the emergency contact.

We got the phone back. Unharmed. Mr. Fix-It said that it must be because of the otterbox that the phone did not suffer any damage when it fell from the top of his car when the car is moving 50mph.

But I was really petrified. This is not the kind of feeling I would like to experience again. It happened to me before. Twice. And the first time it happened to me, I lost my phone a day before my birthday, only just over a month after I went to the UK. And I know how my husband treasures his phone.

I know that this is not Indonesia. When you lose a phone, you actually find it back. I did the second time I lost my phone. Someone took it from the side of the road, when my phone apparently slide out from my pocket when I got on a bus. He took my call and gave my phone back to me, saying that: I know it sucks to lose a phone.

Why did not the person who found my first missing phone did the same? Because some people are not as good as other people. Because some people are complete dicks.

Anyway, this adrenaline rush made me feel extremely tired. Being able to write this down is a miracle for me anyway. So I finish this entry here.



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