Why Can’t Indonesian Leaders Learn From Jose Mujica?


On the 1st of March, the former president of Uruguay, Jose Mujica’s term is finished. He was known as the poorest president in the world, even he is called as “pauper president”. But he was well loved by his people, and admired by many others. Giving away 90% of his salary for charity is only one of the awesome thing he has done during his presidency.

What I love the most about him is his decision to legalise marijuana in Uruguay. You might think that it’s because in that part of the world, smoking weed is more acceptable than it is in Indonesia, but that’s not the reason why he did what he did. Jose “Pepe” Mujica gave his explanation:

Marijuana is another plague, another addiction. Some say its good but no, that’s rubbish. Not marijuana, tobacco or alcohol – the only good addiction is love!

But 150,000 people smoke [marijuana] here and I couldn’t leave them at the mercy of drugs traffickers. It’s easier to control something if it’s legal and that’s why we’ve done this.

How cool is that?

Instead of imposing his personal ideology and beliefs, he thought about the practicality and the impact of his policy to the nation. Instead of condemning, and then talking about the utopian dream many Indonesian leaders do, he has become realistic. As the result: the country has taken away the power from the drug cartel, and marijuana abuser can get a proper treatment like an alcoholic.

While miles away in the pacific ocean, Indonesian are still buying alcohol from black market because their government are so scared of one radical religious beliefs.

How could the Indonesian fail to see that no matter what their religious or moral values they belief is their personal business. People needs different guidelines, law, and regulation to keep them safe, and prosper. When would they be able to realise how their idiotic moves have affected their people?

Banning prostitution by closing down red district? Now you cannot control the prostitutes, and their spread. You can no longer control the spread of sexually transmitted disease. You can no longer be able to keep in check the pimp, and you can no longer protect the workers, because you don’t know who they are any more.

Criminalising abortion? Families who cannot afford to have more children would have to bear with it. Poverty rate is high. Young women who wanted to abort their pregnancy went to illegal, underground clinics that is not only unsafe, but also unhygienic and uncontrolled by the health department. Women who were the victim of rape, or left to deal with pregnancy alone while their ex boyfriend scoot free, would have to bear a lifetime punishment for someone else’s mistake.

Banning alcohol? You really believe that by banning alcohol then people would stop drinking altogether? How naive you are, my dear leaders. They would start brewing their own alcohol. Black market and underground business would flourish, selling bootlegged alcohol that was made not only unsafely, but also dangerous to be consumed. See how many people died drinking cocktail of bootlegged alcohol? And you still think of blaming the lack of alcohol banning?

When confronted with these fact, what would Indonesian leaders answer? What would they give as alternative solution?

Of course a bigoted utopian dream, saying that if you are religious you wouldn’t be swayed and get problems like above. Now, I dare you to make a survey, and ask those people who prostitute themselves, those who ended up with unexpected pregnancy, and those who died drinking uncontrolled alcohol. What was their religion again?

People will do things. There are idiots everywhere. It is the government duty to make sure they don’t just die because of the government failure to see this as a fact.

Personally, I don’t have any problem with that. I mean, I am no longer live in Indonesia, and don’t get affected so much. After all, I believe in social-natural selection, and that the kinds that don’t fit would eventually ceased to exist. So stupid people being dead and shit is just a part of nature to keep population controlled.


Is that what the Indonesian government was trying to do?




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  2. Hey Byq,

    I agreed with your saying. The point is, Indonesia’s leaders aren’t thinking with their head when they’re making decisions regarding our beloved country. Self-centered and egoistic human being is what are many of them.

    One of the problems is, the leaders often legalised a law regarding this and that but they don’t even have a single clue on how to implent it and do control. They don’t even consider about the effect on the people of Indonesia if such rule is to be applied. It’s as long as the rule seem right and about, then it must be good for the citizens. I mean, look at the phonography law. Did it make the people stop dealing with phonography whatsoever? No. Did it stop the people watching porn? No. Did it stop foul sex videos go viral on social media? No.

    It’s another example of how the leaders, or should I say “leaders”, deal with problems and/or threats. Ban this and that and they think the problem is solved . . . . (Like, seriously, how can they ban something that is about libido – something that is human nature?

    But anyway, regardless the leaders, I do love my country. I wouldn’t say I’m quite optimistic even with the new presidency, but I still hope for the better for my beloved country.


    • Yes, Rae… They’re trying to impose their standard of morality for everyone else. But those hypocritical dimwits would trample their own law. Easy example: pornography, and porno-action law was made, so was a sex video of the parliament member.

      I try to keep holding my hope high, that Jokowi would not end up like Gus Dur, who was too early for Indonesia. Hopefully his supporters are diplomatically and politically strong enough to keep his presidency intact.


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