Book Review: Between The Assassination


Title: Between The Assassination
Author: Aravind Ardiga
Language: English
Format: Paperback


I found that this book is seriously difficult to read.

I am not saying that I do not like this book. In fact, I enjoyed some part of the book, and found it quite amusing. But, as I have said, I found it very hard to make sense of the story as a whole novel. From how I read it, this book is as if it’s only a collection of short stories, instead of a whole novel.

I did not understand the title. Not until the last page and I just, “aah… hence the title”. But even after I understood, or made sense of the title, it still did not excite me at all. I did not find any of the characters interesting, or described deep enough to show their real personality. It is like telling your mum about people in your high school — you mentioned names and what they do, but never actually tell her what sort of person Jeremy was. And what frustrated me, was there were probably thirty different names I was not familiar with, and only popped up once or twice in the whole book.

So, when another reviewers said that it is a very ambitious work, I might agree with him. It is an ambitious work. Ardiga wanted to present the City of Kittur with its social problems that has risen between years, and everything else that surround it — which is on paper, it is a promising premise to start with. But in the end, for me, it is not well executed.

I agree that I might have had my expectation too high for a writer that I haven’t known very well. My only benchmark was The White Tiger, which I should say, incredibly well written.

Between Assassination did not offer me the same kind of excitement. It did not have the same interesting factor, nor entertaining factor the previous novel has presented to me. So, I would have to say, reading Between Assassination is a little bit of disappointment for me. It’s my mistake, of course, because I should have started reading this book with an open mindedness.

So, I believe it is unfair that my inability to understand the story is used to rate down this book. Therefore, I would only rate this book based on my reading enjoyment (or the lack of) only, which is 6.5 out of 10 stars.


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