Phoning Indonesian Embassy in London…


Literally just hung up few minutes ago, and still in shock…

They were rude, unhelpful, impatient, impolite bastards.

This is not fair.

Why do the British people got to be served by a nice helpful bunch of people, who would be polite to them even when they were acting like a bunch of idiots, while I… have to be served by snappy Indonesian public service officer who thought I was an idiot while I was being very polite to them? Haris, you are wrong, they are not better than their colleagues in Indonesia, they are worse. At least in Indonesia, they would greet me with smile… (In Solo they do).

It took ages to get an answer through an email, and it was not really informative. So I phoned them to get more information, after taking almost 10 minutes for them to finally pick up. THESE are what I’ve got, about getting a passport:

1.  Passport? Wait, I’ll get you the right person… *an another 5 minutes waiting*

2. Passport? Yes yes, but we don’t have the passport book right now.

3. So when? Just come here and we’ll tell you what to do.

4. Photo? We will tell you where to get your photo taken.

5. But I am not living in London? It doesn’t matter just come, we’ll tell you what to do from there.

6. Payment? Yea yea, can’t do it with debit or cash. Go buy postal order from the post office.

The hell is wrong with them? They don’t even let me talk… They don’t want to hear me talk. AND I WAS TALKING IN INDONESIAN…

When I read on a forum that they only accept photo from a certain shop, I thought they were joking. Why don’t they just tell us WHAT KIND OF PHOTO YOU NEED?? 4×6 red background? 3×3 white background? Why do I have to take photo at the appointed place? It’s not even owned by the Indonesian embassy, is it?

Fuck sake…

No wonder Mr. Fix-It told me that they were the rudest public service officer he’s ever dealt with…


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