Bybyq Had A Walk…



The weather outside was not appealing enough for me to go out and physically walk. After all, I have not gone blogwalking for years now, and that’s probably I have not gained many blogging friends lately. Anyway, I stumbled upon this interesting blog, owned by a guy. I have not seen many blogs maintained by guys nowadays, so seeing one was definitely refreshing.

It was a nice, clean cut blog –which I like, since I don’t like blog with too many widgets that would confuse the shit out of visitors, no embeded video nor music — which is awesome, because there’s nothing more annoying than being forced to listen to something you do not particularly interested in, and still updated. Of course, written in Indonesian, with slight Raditya Dika’s Kambing Jantan humour, it has a lot of readers, and commentators. It was a very dynamic blog.

There was this other blog, written by a very young girl. I think I visited her blog a very long time ago. I was not sure why I did not end up talking or leaving comment at her blog, but when I read some of her articles, I knew why. This one is loud, abrasive, and it just sound… crass. I could not put my finger on it, but there is something that I do not feel fit about this other one. But of course, although she did not have as much comments as the male blogger I mentioned before, it seems that she has been writing for years too.

And also one particular blog that I visited, because I knew the owner — but have not talked to her for years (which is maybe a good idea). Apparently she has not yet changed much (in writing), still as literate as before, and now I think she developed interests in Korean beauty products too. Hmm… I noticed she is just getting even prettier than the last time I saw her. Oh nom nom.


Blogwalking made me think about my own blog.

I realised that most people that is still blogging today, has been blogging since the day before blogging was considered cool — and not cool again. They have changed. They evolved. As a human being, and also as a blogger. Somehow I feel proud that I have maintained my blog, and hoped that as a person, and as a blogger, I have grown up too.

Yes, I know Superbyq’s Birthday is still few weeks away, but I think this is just the perfect blog entry to celebrate superbyq’s 5 year anniversary.

I have a bottle of Bailey’s. You know what I am going to do next…


Cheers x


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  1. Yes please! If you could change it for me it would be very, very much appreciated. I can’t stand typos and the fact that I can’t edit them. The thought of leaving something mess around is just horrifying. 😀

    Hmmm I feel like I’ve changed but it’s more complicated than that. Because part of me is still confused about the changing. Does it make sense? I’ll think about it and write when I figure it out. 😛


    • Never mind the typos 🙂 I do typos all the time, I was lucky I had the chance edit it. I could edit it for you if you wish 🙂

      So, after re-reading your old posts, do you think you have changed through out the years? Do you think you evolved? Is it a good thing? LOL Sorry for being very curious, I just thought it would be nice if I am not the only one who is curious about my changing in life…

      And cheers 🙂


  2. Hmmm… This post made reread my old posts and wonder if I did evolve too. I can’t tell. Lol.

    Btw, cheers on the upcoming blogiversary for you! I’ve got a bottle of chocolate Bailey’s for myself too. 😀

    *edited by request*


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