365 Days of Wedding Proposal


When I found the link on my facebook feed, my reaction was… Aw shit. I felt even worse when my curiosity got the better of me and I clicked the link to see what the fuss was about. I am not going to torture you and your internet connection by embedding the whole video here, but if you have not yet the fortune to stumble upon this particular video and you would like some, you can click it here.

I am going to just spoil the shit of everything, because I do not think that there was much about the video. But, again, I would give you the chance to just clicked away and watch the video first (if you wish) before you continue reading.



You done?

Here we go. Basically the video is about a man who wanted to propose his lady, Jennifer. One day he decided, that he was going to make a secret proposal to his girlfriend everyday for a year, from her 2014 birthday, to her 2015 birthday. Some of you who have not yet watched the video would say… aaw, that was a sweet gesture. Well… I do not blame you for doing that, after all the title has got a disclaimer that warned you that this video MIGHT make you cry.

I can only make myself watch the first 10 or 12 proposals, then I just skipped the whole year because it was pretty much that. Basically a repetitive question asked again and again, until the last day, on the girl’s birthday, he asked the last question. She basically said yes, because she was probably like that guy enough, and being videoed and all… in public, how could she be a bitch and say no? Shotgun proposal that is.


In the end of the video, I thought I must have been a terrible person for not even a millimetre moved by the video, let alone cry. But the comments restored my faith in humanity… a little. I was not the only one feeling uncomfortable with the video.

Woo hoo…

Personally for me, there are too many things went wrong with the video. Using “Marry You” song in the background killed my patience in the beginning of the video (that was why I skipped and muted it altogether, if I got proposed with that shitty song… well, I would not even date anyone who liked that song to begin with), the annoying “pester power” by asking the same question again and again without actually giving me a reason why I should marry that twat — i mean, if he ask me to marry him 365 times in a year, at least he could give me 365 reasons to do that, and the fact that he did it by surprising her in public.

I hate shotgun proposal.

Putting a girl in the centre of attention, asking her to get married, is HORRIBLE. I tell you.

You are shifting the whole responsibility to her, and what if she did not marry you? Saying no in public and humiliate you will make her a bitch. Saying yes just to save your face and cancel the wedding would make her a bitch. Saying she will think about it will make her a bitch. But actually, you are the irresponsible tw*t who in the name of romance and chivalry thought that your girl is the luckiest girl in the world since you did some effort to propose.

If you think proposing needs efforts, you need to do better in marriage.

There, I said it. I hate that video. I think the 9gaggers proposal video was as bad, but at least it was funny. But of course my favourite was the man who got rejected after buying 99 iphone 6 to propose a woman.




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