Stupid People Talk About Alcohol Banning… Again


This is why I do not do blog walking lately. Yes it has taken me to great blogs, and introduced me to some great people, but ninety percent of the time, I would end up reading nonsense. Oh well, it is a pay to price for the freedom of speech in the internet…

Apparently one Indonesian blogger is being grumpy that the Governor of Jakarta, Ahok is going to let little supermarket to sell alcohol. She did not say why exactly she was unhappy about it, nobody asked her to buy that bloody alcohol. She could be a teetotaller if she wants but why she would not let other people choose life of their own? Oh, maybe she has completely brainwashed by the totalitarian regime, where she could not have the luxury of freewill.

“Wakil Gubernur DKI Basuki TP” by Goverment of the Province of Jakarta – Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons –

I do not know.

Ahok is probably the closest to Jose Mujica, that Indonesia could get. Open minded, people oriented, and has a straight logic that no idiots would understand. When Jose Mujica, the celebrated leader of Uruguay decided to legalise marijuana, people questioned his motives. But he did it anyway, because he could not let his people live in the mercy of the drug dealer. Having marijuana controlled by the government makes it easier for them to limit the usage, and helped those with the addiction.

“Pepemujica2” by Roosewelt Pinheiro/ABr – Agencia Brasil [1]. Licensed under CC BY 3.0 br via Wikimedia Commons –

What about those who do not want to try or use marijuana? They simply do not buy them.

This is what Ahok wants to do with alcohol.

How many times I have said that banning alcohol would only benefit the black market merchants, and alcohol bootlegger. People would buy it anyway, buy they would buy the uncontrolled alcohol products which are potentially dangerous, and the seller would earn without paying tax. How many times we have to explain to these stubborn cretins that regulating is the better way than banning completely?

What makes me feel even more annoyed is that they always justify themselves with religious reasons. Keep telling people that in their religions they are not allowed to drink alcohol. LOL, if they only knew that in Turkey (renowned as an Islamic country, opening up the border for lots of Syrian refugee) you could see alcohol everywhere, just like you could see mosques in every corner of Istanbul. Nobody would force anyone, in the name of religion, to do whatever you do not want to do, to wear what you do not want to wear, OR not to drink what you want to drink.

They have a simple rule: you do whatever necessary for you, god would be the judge in the end of the day.

Or if you want to keep it a little bit more complicated you can follow what the Malaysian do. If you want to buy alcohol, you would have to be able to prove that you are a non-muslim — otherwise you will be persecuted as you are violating a law. Is that not the true concept of sharia law? — that the law itself is only applicable to the people who believes in it? Or is it just an excuse made by a bunch of apologetics liberals who wanted to soften the actual brutality as suspected by many?

Anyway, Malaysia is also an Islamic country, they are just next door in the neighbourhood — maybe it is make it easier for you to compare. They sell booze in the store (but only non Muslim can buy), they sell pork in the street (you don’t even need an ID to buy one), and they have a casino for people who gamble. What they don’t have are a bunch of dickheads who kept blackmailing the government for not enforcing sharia law to people who don’t believe in it, or terrorising the citizen by forcing them to close their business during Ramadan month, OR, threatening people with different beliefs by destroying their church.

The less violence photos I could get….

… as it’s usually looks like this. taken from this article:

So much for Pancasila country.


There’s no limit to human stupidity, and I know that. I have been reminded by many of my friends not to underestimate the power of idiots in large number. Fortunately, I am not anywhere near those people right now, so I should raise my glass (with a incredibly tasty irish cream in it), and tell the world…



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