Hallo! Ich heiße Bybyq


Yes… yes… Ja!

I am learning Deutsch.

This is the thing… I have been thinking of learning a new language since ages ago. I even put it in my bucket list. So, since now I have plenty of time to use, why not start to learn? There is no better time to do this, is it?

You might ask “Why Deutsch?”

My answer is “Why not?”

I know that many Indonesian people I know (unless they work or study in Germany) would choose to learn Spanish or French first. I think those languages are awesome — Spanish is one of the most largely spoken language in the world, and French is… French. If I have got the opportunity and enough memory space in my brain, I might learn both, plus Japanese and maybe Chinese (for the practicality) too. However somehow — maybe because I do not like following the mainstream, I started to develop interest in Deutsch, especially after I know Haris.

Being multilingual is an advantage on its own. It is always fascinate my husband, who only speaks English that I could speak in at least two languages… fluently. If I threw in Javanese or Sundanese into the mix as well, then I would be regarded as trilingual. But for us, Indonesian, being trilingual is apparently not that special. Look at this…


Thing is… understanding Bahasa Indonesia, and Javanese is not really practical in real life, especially if you live in this part of the world. It is not as impressive as it sounds…

So, hopefully if I go to Deutschland this Sommer, I could at least have a simple conversation with the local people without relying too much on the dictionary. And, forgive me if I kept throwing in Vokabeln in Deutsch. I think that is the least I could do to improve as I don’t have conversing partner that could help me with the learning…


Auf Wiedersehen. Bis später.


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  1. Ach, Guten Morgen, Bybyq… 🙂
    Aku juga suka lho, belajar bahasa asing, cuma kayaknya terlalu tulalit, tapi tetep saja aku suka.
    Ngemeng-ngemeng, nanti sommer kalo ke Deutschland, kamu aku dudukkan sama Liani, dia pandai berbahasa Mandarin, Inggris, Indo… pasti menyenangkan.


    • Guten Tag, Haris 😀

      Iyaa.. aku juga rasanya susah banget menghafal Deutsch Vokabeln(?), tapi diniatin aja baca buku dll setiap hari nambah dikit2 kok. Mein Mann kayaknya udah pasti nggak bisa ikut, jadi duduk sama Liani nanti aku bisa belajar banyak bahasa sekaligus… Danke schön, Haris 😀


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