Bybyq Goes to Indonesian Embassy


My passport is about to expire, so I had to get a new one. After a very discouraging phone call to the Indonesian Embassy about a week ago, I felt a little bit doubtful that I would want to see those bureaucrats. However, since I do not have much time left, I decided to pursue this further by going there by myself. I followed the information I gathered from the phone call, and also from the official website of the Indonesian Embassy, and bring the documents asked: my passport, 4 passport photos 4x6cm red background, postal order to pay for the service and also a special delivery envelope.

It did not start well. The bus I took for the journey was 30 minutes late. Mind you that the passport service only opens from 10.00 – 13.00, and god knows how long the queue and the process would take. I had a day trip return ticket, I did not want to come home empty handed. Have to admit though, the anxiety too the best of me for awhile… luckily Mr.Fix-It was with me (he is on holiday).

Good job we knew where we were going, as we went to the Indonesian Embassy last year for the election, that we did not waste time running around finding our way. In the embassy’s reception, we were sent downstairs. Contrast to the one upstairs, the consular’s office downstairs is a dingy, hot, and slightly manky. There were only two officials there, one that was busy talking to visitors, and the other one who was doing god know what behind the desk. No matter how long the queue was, the one behind the desk would not move his arse to help.

Maybe it was his job description. I do not know.

Anyway… I got served, and he gave me more documents to fill in. It was not a biggie, there was a telly that kept my husband busy while I wrote my name 4 times, my UK address at least 6 times, my Indonesian address at least 6 times, my phone numbers at least 10 times, and sign those papers before handing them back to the man behind the glass window.

What’s not surprising me is that apparently the information in the website is not accurate — except the payment method, and I had to go to TWO different shops — very specific shops to get another passport photos and a prepaid special delivery envelopes (nobody says anything about PREPAID envelope in the website, if you bother to check the website again).

Anyway, I did not care. I just want my passport to be done, so that I could start applying for the visa I need to visit THE wedding in Germany this summer (hopefully my German would be good enough by then… so excited). I did not even care if my photo in the passport would look like a war refugee because I was so tired and angry for the treatment I got from the public service officials in the embassy (and the fact that those photos would stick there for the next five years).

I am done ranting… I just hope I do not have to deal with the embassy’s officials in the near future.



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  1. Uh, sepertinya mereka harus bikin study tour ke konsulat kita di Hamburg deh ya… I like that 2 Women Staff in Hamburg. They were competent, friendly and helpful when i went there for my passport. Pokoknya sudah seperti orang Jerman saja layaknya.


    • Iyaa… kalo perlu sekalian training di sana, biar belajar public service yang bener 😦 Ngemeng-ngemeng passport berapa lama sih jadinya? Udah 3 hari kerja belum nyampe juga mein neues passport 😦


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